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Whole Foods Market

138 reviews on Yelp
Open Now·8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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  • Kenneth C.
    Kenneth C.
    (Caveat: this review is limited in scope, being strictly for the prepared foods as a to-go lunch option.) That said, their selection of hot, prepared foods is impressive, making it difficult to...more
  • Alan A.
    Alan A.
    This references only the grab-and-go food selection. If I could I would give that section one star and the rest of the market 4 or 5 stars. I was going to give a 3-star rating but Yelp defines 3...more
  • Tyler G.
    Tyler G.
    I will always come here due to my eating lifestyle. However I'm not always 100% happy with the produce section. The store is like all others. Nothing extra special about this one. My partner...more
  • Colleen K.
    Colleen K.
    What happened?!? Not that this place has ever been my favorite place to shop (with the horrific parking lot & all the smug East siders knocking you over to get to the organic grapes), but past few...more
  • Melody G.
    Melody G.
    This is one of the worst Whole Foods I've been to. It's been going down hill for years. It is dirty, and unkempt, yet randomly smells like mainstream cleaning chemicals all the time now?!? Little...more