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Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses - Wikipedia

The Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany began on April 1, 1933, and was claimed to be a defensive reaction to the Jewish boycott of German goods, which had ...

After the Nazis came to power in Germany on January 30, 1933, the Nazi leadership decided to stage an economic boycott against the Jews of Germany. In 1933, about ...

In response, the Nazis organize a nationwide boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany, blaming Jews for anti-German tone of the international press. APRIL 1, 1933


On April 1, 1933, a week after Hitler became dictator of Germany, he ordered a boycott of Jewish shops, banks, offices and department stores.

A boycott of Jewish businesses (1933) - documentary extract

An extract from a 1933 NSDAP extract, ordering and organising a boycott of Jewish businesses in April.

Boycott of Jewish business | Hoosier State Chronicles ...

Usually we use the Hoosier State Chronicles blog to tell you stories about Hoosiers and the State of Indiana by using local newspapers. For this project, we are ...

Boycott of Jewish businesses - Zachor Foundation

Boycott of Jewish businesses. By decision of the party leaders, a boycott of Jewish-owned businesses was proclaimed. A party committee organized it down to its finest ...

Nazis Boycott Jewish Businesses - History Unfolded: US ...

Nazis Boycott Jewish Businesses. In the first nationwide, planned action against Jews, Nazis boycotted Jewish businesses and professionals throughout Germany.

On This Day: Hitler Calls for Boycott of Jewish Businesses

Mar 31, 2011 · On April 1, 1933, Adolph Hitler’s new coalition government urged Germans to observe a “Judenboycott,” the first in a wave of anti-Semitic measures.

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