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How to make homemade horseradish by grating horseradish root and adding vinegar.

It doesn't take much to make fresh horseradish. Be careful, because this is hot!

Dec 14, 2014 · Fresh horseradish is brightly pungent and adds spark to heavy cold weather meals. Learn about it and how...

Make and share this Fresh Horseradish recipe from

Preparing a Horseradish Root - Global Gourmet

Preparing a Horseradish Root. by Judy McCann . Grind or grate fresh horseradish in a well-ventilated...

Fresh horseradish—how to plant, harvest, and serve it

Want to give some homegrown zip to your meals? Plant horseradish! Simple to grow and harvest, you’ll...

How to Make Homemade Preserved Horseradish | Serious Eats

Jarred horseradish is perfectly tasty stuff, but nothing compares to freshly grated horseradish preserved...

The fresh horseradish in this sauce makes all the pungent difference that fresh herbs do in cooking.

Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Fresh Horseradish Sauce recipe from Emeril Lagasse.

The root contains highly volatile oils which are released by enzyme activity when the root cells are...

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