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  • BizrateMay 18, 2015
    Easy experience. I enjoyed reading the reviews. It helped with my decision to purchase the item. We'll see upon receipt of order. Read more
  • BizrateDec 3, 2015
    Good customer service. Excellent price on sale item. Read more
  • BizrateJul 23, 2015
    The Burleson Home Depot is the most outstanding Home Depot for customer service. I enjoy shopping there. Read more
  • BizrateMay 17, 2015
    Very satisfied with my shopping experience Read more
  • BizrateNov 19, 2015
    My mower actually arrived before expected. I had a bit of a hard time removing it from the packaging, but that is probably a good thing as it was packed extremely well. Unfortunately it was covered wit oil as the bottle of oil that was sent with it was smashed, and although it was in a plastic bag,... Read more
  • BizrateNov 5, 2015
    Great store just down the road from me with wonderful products. Read more
  • BizrateJan 23, 2016
    Super delivery service! Good contact and reminder call. Very quick and courteous installation. Took the time to go over installation and use details as well as test of washer / dryer before leaving. Read more
  • ViewpointsAug 28, 2014
    What timing. I just use their e-commerce website today. Yes, I have used it before today. I have found their site easy to use. Very intuitive. The searching for products does not always bring up what I am looking for and, sometime, the items shown are not even in the ballpark. Today I quickly found... Read more
  • ViewpointsJun 3, 2015
    On various occasions I have vistied and used Home I used it not only to get ideas but to price compare. On my most recent visit I was getting ideas on natural stone tiles, marbles, and granite. Home offered many varieties and price ranges. As well there were how to tutorials on... Read more
  • TrustpilotDec 11, 2017
    Disappointed and inconvenienced : Bought 5 appliances in the Weston Florida store on 11/18/2017. At the time of purchase we were given the delivery date of 12/11/17. I was to receive a call the day before from the delivery company which never happened. I began calling the phone number given to me by... Read more