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  • Shopper ApprovedJan 5, 2018
    Hoping for a great picture!! Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedMay 30, 2017
    very enjoyable, plenty to choose from Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedApr 13, 2017
    This is my second purchase. Very satisfied with selections and ease of ordering. Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedApr 16, 2017
    Easy to shop on this site. Thank you. Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedOct 16, 2017
    You made it very simple. Thank you Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedOct 14, 2017
    Would have liked to have had a category where I could just look up all the greeting cards you had in stock. Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedSep 5, 2017
    I LOVE the pieces that I ordered! I buy a lot on line, especially art work, and I did feel the price for the two pieces I purchased was a little high. They look great in my laundry room and they're not something you can just find anywhere, so that's why I went ahead and paid the price. Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedSep 3, 2017
    I had a great online shopping experience and will return for future purchases. The quality of the picture was great, the price was great, and delivery was exceptional Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedJul 19, 2017
    Would order from them again. Read more
  • Shopper ApprovedApr 1, 2017
    Fantastic selection of art to choose from! Read more