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    • TrustpilotJul 21, 2016
      Does everything...wish interface would be modernised. : What does Amazon not sell or offer? I just wish the interface would be less 1999. Also, I wish more resellers would ship world-wide instead of being to US-centric.\n\nBut they sell everything! Now where's my same-day delivery by drone coming! Read more
    • TrustpilotFeb 19, 2016
      Love me some Amazon : Who doesnt love Prime? SO many secret perks, streaming music, streaming movies, free shipping, special deals and on and on. Love it! Read more
    • TrustpilotMay 14, 2015
      Best online shopping site :-)!!!! : Fast delivery and great quality products Read more
    • TrustpilotJan 29, 2016
      Very good : My first buy was in 1997 on \r\ is very good as well, I just thonk some product descriptions must be improved, they should be more accurate. Read more
    • TrustpilotAug 24, 2015
      Great if there's a shipping center near you : Lots of my friends say they don't get 2 day shipping from prime. I not only get 2 day shiping I get like 24 hour shipping. I must live next to a shipping center. Lucky me! Read more
    • TrustpilotJun 15, 2015
      Can't live without... : Huge range, fast delivery, good products. Read more
    • ViewpointsApr 9, 2016 is the absolute best shopping website there is! They literally have everything you could ever need. I love that they have any and everything I have ever needed and I have yet to be unsatisfied with shopping on Amazon. I don't have a credit card, and it's hard to buy anything online... Read more
    • EpinionsOct 31, 2013
      Especially knowing that instead of dealing with any of its real problems epinions management has devoted engineering time to making what someone might manage to find on the site invisible (truncating), before getting to discussing Amazon’s bias for ... Read more
    • PriceGrabberMay 4, 2009
      Unfortunately, Amazon's "free" shipping has come to mean "unreliable" shipping. Recently, half of the orders that Amazon "shipped: to me via USPS never even showed up in the postal service's tracking system. Read more
    • Ciao UkJul 29, 2014
      When it comes to online shopping for me, I use 90% of the time or more. It has just about anything you can think of! It almost makes it too easy to shop, having you spend more than you originally planned. The layout is easy, and is helpful by sorting things into various categories... Read more