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  • TrustpilotFeb 10, 2018
    Great Site : I've ordered through this website a bunch of times and i've never experienced any problems doing so. Some of the products can be of lower quality but when you pay 5 dollars for a product that's normally much more expensive you can't expect anything else. \n\nGreat site, great prices and... Read more
  • ViewpointsJan 19, 2018
    I get everything I need on Amazon from my gecko's meal worms down to socks and diapers. They have everything in one place. And it's very convenient if you have prime shipping. I highly recommend shopping on Read more
  • Ciao UkJul 29, 2014
    When it comes to online shopping for me, I use 90% of the time or more. It has just about anything you can think of! It almost makes it too easy to shop, having you spend more than you originally planned. The layout is easy, and is helpful by sorting things into various categories... Read more
  • 26, 2018
    I mean, it\\'s amazon. Very much worth the Prime membership! Read more
  • 6, 2017
    Easy to use, fast delivery, huge selection of items. Read more
  • 24, 2017
    Saved so much money by buying an electric compactor and it works a treat but you must follow the manual, Best Buy ever Read more
  • 13, 2017
    Excellent service and good after sales. Read more
  • 30, 2017
    Amazon is awesome! I\\'ve yet to research something that they don\\'t have in stock or a resource for. I purchase from them often, and intend to keep on doing so! Read more
  • 3, 2017
    On time delivery, great prices Read more
  • 3, 2018
    Ordered a doll for my daughter during the festival period, delivery from America to the myself was under a week. Fantastic price, delivery & customer service equal a happy little girl Read more