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  1. O.K. Corral hearing and aftermath - Wikipedia

    The O.K. Corral hearing and aftermath was the direct result of the 30-second Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona Territory on October 26, 1881.

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    Wes Fuller,born 29 May 1855 in Oregon, was present at the O.K. Corral shootout in Tombstone, and later lived in Santa Cruz County where he died on 24 March 1923.

  3. O.K. Corral | HistoryNet

    Ok Corral Articles. ... Cowboy sympathizer Wes Fuller and Billy Clanton’s and Frank’s horses had ended up in a 15-foot-wide vacant lot on the south side of ...

  4. Truth or myth?: "The gunfight at the OK Corral was a major ...

    Despite being immortalised in numerous novels and movies, the gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, ... Billy Claiborne (again probably unarmed) and Wes Fuller.

  5. The OK Corral -

    The OK Corral . Lore Trial #8. Freemonts, did you know that your family had an important role in the "Old West?" Your grandmother used to tell ... Wes Fuller, and Ike ...

  6. The American Cowboy Chronicles: The Gunfight At The OK Corral

    Wes Fuller also identified Frank as the man in the street leading the ... City Marshal Virgil Earp who was all in all the real hero at the gunfight at the OK Corral.

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    ... OK corral. anon: May 30, 2011 1:46 AM: Posted in group: alt.rec.guns ... >>> by Billy Claiborne and Wes Fuller. The political prize was the Johnny

  8. Billy Claiborne - Wikipedia

    Ike Clanton and Billy Claiborne and a man I don't know [Wes Fuller] ... Wes Fuller was towards the back of the lot ... After running from the O.K. Corral shoot out, ...

  9. "Blaze Away!" by Jeff Morey - Tombstone History Archives

    Wes Fuller said Morgan Earp and Doc Holliday remained on the street, ... how did the "Gunfight at the O. K. Corral" transpire? ... "Blaze away! You're a daisy if ...

  10. Re: OK corral - Google Groups

    "anon" <anon@anon> wrote in message > > "Dad" <> wrote in message > news:a42dnZUVAbF1UELQnZ2dnUVZ_uydnZ2d ...

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