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    Dec 15, 2014 · Reindeer Steak With Baked Red Cabbage & Parsnip Purée / Reinsdyrstek Med Ovnsbakt Rødkål & Pastinakkpuré
    Dec 23, 2013 · Give the gift of reindeer food, also known as 'Christmas Crack' in some circles, which is a festive white chocolate bark loaded with crunchy goodies.
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    Feb 19, 2014 · Cook reindeer steaks as you would other varieties of game meat. Photo Credit David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images Reindeer steaks are a good, low-fat ...
    Alaska Reindeer sausage, hot dogs, and bacon-wrapped steaks are one our most popular requests. Reindeer meat has a delicious flavor and is cherished by many meat ...
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    • Cook reindeer steaks as you would other varieties of game meat. Photo ...
    • ... the meat it came from reindeer fed on 'local aromatic herbs and grass
    • Caribou Steak
    • ground caribou in spaghetti bolognese
    • reindeer steak
    • ... Csonka: Alaska Recipe Detail Dutch Oven Country-Style Reindeer Steaks
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    Dec 15, 2002 · With the all-new Recipe Box, you can: Save recipes from any site; ... You are in: Home / Recipes / Reindeer Food Recipe Lost? Site Map. Reindeer Food. By ...
    With the heel of your hand press coarsely ground peppercorns into reindeer fillets. Sprinkle fillets lightly with salt. In a large heavy skillet heat olive oil over ...
    A very Christmassy coffee variation from This is a recipe for those of you who followed the recipe ... Reindeer Steak With Baked Red Cabbage & Parsnip ...
    Recipe Preparation: Cut a thin round reindeer steak into 3 x 5 inch strips, pound each strip a little. Sprinkle each strip with salt ...
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    Oct 29, 2007 · Recipe Baroness's Note: Oats are a Reindeer's favorite food, cinnamon is their favorite smell and sugar crystals reflect the light from Rudolph's nose so ...
    Recipes for exotic meats and ... zebra has a very light flavour. Zebra steaks should be cooked like a nice piece of Venison but don't cook more ... Cooking Reindeer