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    The majority of arguments about abortion do come down to the moral status of a fetus, but not all. The typical arguments associated to abortion reflect the ongoing ...
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    2005 Missouri Revised Statutes - § 196.1127. — Appropriation to board subject to certain requirements. 196.1127. 1. The moneys appropriated to the life sciences ...
    Thirty-nine years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, which upheld abortion rights on the basis of privacy and the limits of government.
    It is one of the most disturbing articles I’ve ever read. The current issue of Esquire magazine profiles the “abortion ministry” of Willie Parker, a doctor who ...
    Most of these legal and economic benefits cannot be privately arranged or contracted for. For example, absent a legal (or civil) marriage, there is no guaranteed ...
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    Page 1 of 8 - The Official Abortion/ Womens health Thread (includes poll) - posted in Politics:
    Fifty-five percent of women voters (including 96 percent of African-American women voters and 67 percent of single women voters) voted for President Barack Obama this ...
    Florida Abortion Clinics Daytona Beach abortion clinic and Orlando abortion clinic, Melbourne, private, confidential abortion
    by Peter Smith: British Officials Claim that the Prosecution of Illegal Sex-Selective Abortion Is Not in the Public Interest. They are wrong. 18 months