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    Vote on Baucus Bill Postponed as Dems on Finance Committee Reject Amendment Designed to Strengthen Anti-Abortion Provisions
    Abstract. Because of the highly stigmatized nature of abortion care delivery and the restriction of abortion provision in most states, little is known ...
    (RNN) - As public debate over women's reproductive health continues, a growing number of state legislators and politicians are introducing provisions to regulate men ...
    National Senior Citizens Law Center advocates for low-income older adults on legal aspects of Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, Social Security, Supplemental ...
    The RU486 Abortion Pill is an option only for women under 9 weeks. The cost includes 2 sonograms, 2 visits, and round-the-clock ...
    1.0 Supervision: Definitions - There are 3 recognized levels of supervision: 1.1 Direct Supervision - The dentist is present in the office, personally examines the ...
    Wisconsin law curtails Planned Parenthood abortion services By Gary Joad 30 April 2012 On Friday, April 20, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced its ...
    Thank you Mr. Connelly for providing an update. I'm sorry you received such grief for exposing the truth. We have met the enemy and they are us.
    Initially many women feel relief after an abortion. Their crisis is over and life as normal continues. However, for most women life as normal isn’t the same.
    Creating Access to Legal Abortion Services for Women Survivors of Sexual Violence in Mexico City