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    FitzGerald also took issue with provisions in the budget dealing with abortion.
    The Orlando EPOC Clinic is specializing in non-surgical (Abortion by pill, Ru 486), medical and surgical abortion procedures from early to late second trimester ...
    Fifty-five percent of women voters (including 96 percent of African-American women voters and 67 percent of single women voters) voted for President Barack Obama this ...
    Summit Family Planning abortion clinic in Las Vegas, NV. Early abortion, medical abortion with RU-486, surgical abortion in Nevada.
    Creating Access to Legal Abortion Services for Women Survivors of Sexual Violence in Mexico City
    Texas Abortion Laws. About Us; Our Services; Texas Abortion Laws; Louisiana Abortion Laws; Fees; Forms and Instructions; En Español; Contact Us; After battling the ...
    This review put out by the Guttmacher Institute outlines the historic extent of state attacks on reproductive health services in 2011. While the 1,100 provisions ...
    Abortion laws vary from state to state. Some abortion laws determine consent requirements, age requirements or what type of clinic can perform an abortion and up to ...
    Feb 16, 2014 · The abortion issue is being driven by religious zealots on the right and religious zealots are the least trustworthy and most dangerous people on earth.
    10/15/2014 - Supreme Court Ruling Keeps Texas Abortion Clinics Open. The US Supreme Court issued an order last night blocking enforcement of two provisions of a ...