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  1. Yaki-Mandu (Korean Egg Rolls) Recipe from Dianne

    Yaki-Mandu (Korean Egg Rolls) Recipe from Dianne.

  2. Dec 27, 2011 · This is part 2 of making Mandu / mandoo. This is the first time I used chicken breasts instead of pork/beef, and it was a huge success with my family. I ...

  3. Korean Shrimp Dumpling Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

    My husband and I enjoyed the shrimp mandu two days in a row for lunch and then for happy hour, which included a bottle of rose champagne. We toasted Ann.

  4. Meaty Mandu Dumplings Recipe - LifeStyle FOOD

    Try this Meaty Mandu Dumplings recipe by Chef Judy Joo. This recipe is from the show Korean Food Made Simple.

  5. Korean Dumplings – Mandu | KeepRecipes: Your Universal Recipe Box–-mandu

    Keep Recipes. Capture memories. Be inspired. KeepRecipes is one spot for all your recipes and kitchen memories. Keep, cook, capture and share with your cookbook in ...

  6. Jun 22, 2010 · Bockhee Lee with a plate of mandu, Korean dumplings that her family has enjoyed through several generations. (Lucia Huntington for The Boston Globe)

  7. Kimchi Mandu (Korean Kimchi Dumplings) - MijoRecipes

    Mandu are simply Korean Dumplings. It is quite similar to chinese dumplings(饺子jiaozi) and japanese gyoza. Also, kimchi is a very popular food ingredient in Korean ...

  8. Korean Food: Duk Mandu Guk for New Year's Day!! - Hip Foodie Mom

    Korean Food: Duk Mandu Guk for New Year's Day!! A traditional Korean food meal for New Years Day. Korean Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup.

  9. Mandu, a Korean Dumpling - About the Soufflé

    Mandu, a Korean Dumpling. Even I usually like to keep things simple while cooking at home, sometimes it’s great to start a real food project that takes requires a ...

  10. Aug 21, 2012 · Korean dumpling dipping sauce recipe For Mandoo. For more Korean recipes The Bald Chef show s you how to ...