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    Duk Mandu Gook (Korean Rice Cake Soup) Recipe. I LOVE DUK MANDU GOOK! A mix between wanton and egg drop soup with it's own tweak, it's deeelish! It's…
    Mandu is a Korean dumpling stuffed with a mixture of various meat and vegetables.
    The Best Korean Food Recipe collection, Here is my compilation of easy to make Korean Recipe, All these authentic Korean Food Recipes that you can make at home, All ...
    The Korea Herald is starting a new series, Korean Home Cooking, in which Ro Hyo-sun, author of the Korean Bapsang blog, explains how to make quick Korean comfort foods.
    Place cut cabbage in colander and sprinkle with 1 tsp. of salt. Let sit for 45 min. Squeeze water out and set aside. Place ground pork in a large bowl.
    Steamed mandu is “Jjinmandu” in Korean and I personally prefer fried mandu. There are lots of kinds of mandu, such as Kimchi mandu (김치만두), Meat mandu ...
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    Oct 11, 2013 · Mandu, also known as dumplings or pot stickers, are a fascinating culinary dish to me. A simple dish of meats and veggies enveloped within some form of ...
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    Dec 10, 2012 · Hello, all! Our supper club is doing Korean food, and I signed up for dumplings. Does anyone have a good recipe for Korean dumplings? I think the
    Making mandu (Korean dumplings: 만두), Korean Chicken Dumplings aka Mandu/Mandoo (닭고기만두) Part 1 by Omma's Kitchen, How to make Korean Dumplings, Korea ...