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    By Jim Report 01/15/2010. Yaki-Mandu (Korean Egg Roll) Recipe #29439 | 1½ hours | 1 hour prep | add Great finger food for parties--always a hit. Much easier to ...
    (originally posted on January 4, 2009 on my photo blog) On New Year's Day, Koreans traditionally eat 떡국 (ddeok guk)—rice cake soup. This year, my mom didn't ...
    Bibim mandu is a very popular snack food in Korea. Many Koreans like to eat fried or steamed dumplings with soy dipping sauce. However, every now and then, you might ...
    Have I mentioned that I love Korean food? No? Okay then — I LOVE Korean food. I have lots of favorites when it comes to Korean cuisine, but this easy appetizer ...
    Beef Yaki Mandu Makes 50. 1 pkg wonton wrappers; 1.5 lbs ground beef; 1 medium green cabbage, chopped well; 2 small onions, chopped well; 1/4 c soy sauce
    Want to learn how to make Homemade Kimchi Mandu? Get the best easy recipes for Homemade Kimchi Mandu from Calorie Count
    Mandu are dumplings in Korean cuisine. They are similar to pelmeni and pierogi in some Slavic cultures. The name is cognate with the names of similar types of meat ...
    Kimchi Mandu (Korean Kimchi Dumplings) Printable recipe Adapted from By Pig Pig's Corner Prep time: 45 mins Cook time: 10 mins Yield: makes about 70 ...
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    [I have updated this recipe. You can find it here.] Kihong’s Mandu (Korean Dumplings) Yield: 100 ea. Time: 2-3 hrs. Ingredients: