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    Bibim mandu is a very popular snack food in Korea. Many Koreans like to eat fried or steamed dumplings with soy dipping sauce. However, every now and then, you might ...
    Explore traditional festive recipes which represent the heart & soul of the specific culture or religion with links where to buy recipe ingredients.
    I’m Mexican and my husband is Korean-American. We are both professionals in the food world, which means we have been exposed to many different kinds of cuisines and ...
    I made Mandu today - korean dumplings filled with minced meat (pork or a mixture of pork and beef), tofu, shiitake mushrooms, various types of onions and egg.
    Several years ago, I stopped ringing in the New Year on the evening of December 31 because, truth be told, I was over it. Disengaging with New Year’s Eve
    Mandu Mandu (pronounced mahn-doo) is a traditional Korean dish made from a mixture of meat and vegetables cooked inside a flour wrap. Mouthwatering mandu are enjoyed ...
    Mandu {Korean version of potstickers, wontons, and gyoza} is getting more popular around here. I’ve been seeing more packages of Mandu at grocery stores and ...
    Method. Korean yaki mandu. 1) Set up a fryer, or heat 5cm oil in a heavy-bottomed saucepan, fitted with a high-heat thermometer, to 180C/Gas mark 4.
    Mandu (korean dumplings) are similar to Chinese potstickers or Japanese gyoza. What makes them unique is the wrappers are made with glutinous rice flour.
    How to Make Korean-Style Chicken-Cucumber Salad. Serves: 2 Preparation time: over 2 hours Cooking time: 10 mins Ingredients needed to make Korean-Style Chicken ...