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    Learn how to prepare mandu, or Korean dumplings, following a special and personal recipe provided by our in-house Chef Jean-Paul Baurez. 만두 혹은 ...
    Full recipe here at Maangchi's cooking blog. This video shows us how to make Korean mandu (dumplings) and mandu guk (dumpling soup), and with plenty leftover for many ...
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    Sep 10, 2014 · Korean food recipe: meaty mandu dumplings Judy Joo shares a recipe for pork and beef dumplings
    Want to learn how to make Homemade Kimchi Mandu? Get the best easy recipes for Homemade Kimchi Mandu from Calorie Count
    Starters and appetizers recipe for Korean Potstickers - {Mandu} - Sprinkle chopped cabbage with 2 tablespoons salt. Let stand until limp, about 30 minutes. Rinse ...
    by Kate Heyhoe Mad About the Mandu. Kate's Virtual Journey: A Progressive Feast 2nd Stop: Kyongju, Korea . I keep trying to explain that I don't speak Korean, but the ...
    Korean Dumplings and Fresh Salad with Spicy, Tangy and Sweet Dressing (Bibim Mandu). Ready in 15 mins.
    By Jim Report 01/15/2010. Yaki-Mandu (Korean Egg Roll) Recipe #29439 | 1½ hours | 1 hour prep | add Great finger food for parties--always a hit. Much easier to ...
    I have been so busy lately that I totally forgot about the Korean New Year’s. I should have been posting more about this big event, rather than posting smoothie ...
    May 02, 2010 · I'm after the best Korean kimchi recipe, or any interesting variations. Thank you.