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  1. Korean Dumplings (Mandu) - Mandu is a must-have during Lunar New Year. Enjoy this easy recipe made with kimchi during the celebration.

  2. Guest post: Korean mandu for an American kitchen

    For Charlotte. Tofu Mandu (Korean dumplings) 1 t dark brown sugar 1 tsp fresh crushed garlic (I use a mortar and pestle)1 tsp ground black pepper

  3. Korean Dumplings (Mandu) | Recipe - Pinterest

    Korean Kimchi Dumplings - This simple recipe makes flavorful, juicy dumplings using kimchi, beef, pork, and tofu just in time for New Years Day!

  4. Korean Dumplings (Mandu) – crafts & cake

    Korean Dumplings (Mandu) Recipe; Savory; Cathy May 31, 2015. Korean Dumplings (Mandu) Cathy May 31, 2015. Korean Dumplings (Mandu) post. Ingredients. For: 50 pieces.

  5. Korean yaki mandu recipes - korean yaki mandu recipe

    korean yaki mandu recipes from the best food bloggers. korean yaki mandu recipes with photo and preparation instructions

  6. How to Make Mandu (korean dumpling) - Chinese Food & Recipes

    Mandu are fantastic, Korean style dumplings that will impress any guest. Here's how to make the perfect mandu dumpling!

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    Recipe: Korean Dumplings – Mandu Summary: Mandu is a Korean dumpling stuffed with a mixture of various meat and vegetables. Ingredients Filling 1/2 lb ground pork ...

  8. Introduced to Korea from China during the Joseon Dynasty, mandu were adapted to Korean ingredients. They are plumper and have thinner wonton wrappers.

  9. Find great information about Korean food here. Visit us to learn more about Korean soup & stew dishes.

  10. Dduk Guk (Korean Rice Cake Soup – 떡국) | Chef Julie Yoon

    Dduk Guk (Korean Rice Cake Soup ... If you want to add mandu (Korean fresh or frozen dumplings), ... I do a spin off of Chef Julie Yoon’s dduk-guk recipe.