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    The Story of the Conversion of Nanda in Borobudur 273 they are incomplete and their sequence is uncertain. What is striking is a great number of monks who
    AJANTA CAVE PAINTINGS the many-splendoured delights of Ajanta compiled by Subramanian Swaminathan ... Conversion of Nanda Cave 1: Queen Shivali Maha-janaka Jataka ...
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    A full floor in the main building houses the office of Chairman Rajan Nanda. ... then," says Nanda. Anil had also protested the conversion of the famous Escorts ...
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    Jul 05, 2010 · Nanda was reluctant to take to sanyasa. Buddha made him so. He advised him detail about his ancestors who took Sanyasa at a proper time. He Convinces Nanda ...
    This fine relief illustrates the story of the conversion of Sundarananda (or Nanda), the Buddha's half brother. Seated in the central portion of the frieze under a ...
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