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    Former Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry will become the next nominee for Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton and creating another Senate vacancy.
    Oct 28, 2014 · Well Jon things aren’t looking good for the vast majority of people in this country. Why should the Democrats be any different or of any more interest?
    - Pew: Support from Hispanics for Democrats for next week’s election is expected to be lower than the 2010 elections, ... support firedoglake. Follow FDL News Desk.
    While Democrats hold a small two-point lead in the generic Congressional ballot, the big problem for them is their voters aren’t enthusiastic about
    In the bizarre upside down world which is Washington D.C. you have Democrats effectively trying to get their own President impeached.
    A liberal Democratic Party elections group, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, ... MyFDL is Firedoglake's community site.
    The bad news for Democrats keeps coming. New data from Gallup shows the Republican party has the advantage among the issues voters care most about this year.
    As one and all know by now, the Emptywheel blog is leaving Firedoglake. ... they accuse Democrats. When they mismanage stuff, they accuse Democrats.
    Politicians from the Democratic Party in the United States have expressed fervent support for Israel’s assault on Gaza, even going so far as to
    Thanks for the update. All this proves is that Millenials aren’t being bamboozled by b.s. propaganda. Democrats ceased being “liberal” at least 30 years ago.