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    Former Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry will become the next nominee for Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton and creating another Senate vacancy.
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    After much hard work we have finally isolated the problem causing numerous readers to not be able to access the site. If you try to go
    In the bizarre upside down world which is Washington D.C. you have Democrats effectively trying to get their own President impeached.
    While Democrats hold a small two-point lead in the generic Congressional ballot, the big problem for them is their voters aren’t enthusiastic about
    As one and all know by now, the Emptywheel blog is leaving Firedoglake. ... they accuse Democrats. When they mismanage stuff, they accuse Democrats.
    Aug 18, 2014 · Democrats must have a death wish. I have never seen a party that so easily and at times almost joyfully acts to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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    Firedoglake reports on the Democrats successful passage of progressive student loan reform. Sen. Franken reached out to inform constituents about the reform after ...
    The bizarre decision by Democrats to make keeping the official CBO price tag under $1 trillion their top priority, ... SUPPORT FIREDOGLAKE. FOLLOW FDL ACTION.
    A plurality of Republicans think immigration is the biggest problem facing the country right now but it ranks only fourth with Democrats. From Gallup: