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    The bad news for Democrats keeps coming. New data from Gallup shows the Republican party has the advantage among the issues voters care most about this year.
    Nov 11, 2014 · So, no, the Democrats aren’t “committing political suicide” here, and advice for them to “be the party of regular people” will fall on deaf ears.
    Former Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry will become the next nominee for Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton and creating another Senate vacancy.
    Nov 17, 2014 · Is there really an emerging electoral majority for the Democratic Party? Given the results of the last election this question seems silly to even ask, but
    While Democrats hold a small two-point lead in the generic Congressional ballot, the big problem for them is their voters aren’t enthusiastic about
    a domain like into something that computers understand, ... The strongest part of your book argues that Democrats are in desperate need of savvier ...
    OBAMACARE the name itself pisses off half of USA citizens. Obamacare shows Democrats why they should not pass republican ideas. The Democratic base is not ...
    The Democratic base is significantly less engaged and motivated to vote this year compared with the Republican base.
    I advocated for Democrats eliminating it when they held the Senate and I still want it eliminated now that Republicans are ... SUPPORT FIREDOGLAKE. FOLLOW FDL ACTION.
    Politicians from the Democratic Party in the United States have expressed fervent support for Israel’s assault on Gaza, even going so far as to