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  1. Firedoglake: Democrats Start To Sell Student Loan Reform. Jane wrote today about the major progressive victory in student loan reform, ...

  2. Firedoglake - Google+ (FDL) is a leading progressive news site, online community, and action organization consistently ranked as one of the most influential political websites.

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    Mar 28, 2013 · Firedoglake. Page: 1 2. ... Some will try to paint our push for candidates like Bill Halter as a "purge" of "moderates" from the Democratic party. It's not.

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    Hamsher at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Born: ... Jane Hamsher (born Jane Murphy; July 25, ... FireDogLake – Blog founded and published by Jane Hamsher.

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    Firedoglake. 38,574 likes · 863 talking about this. FDL closed its doors in July 2015, and some former staff started Shadowproof.

  6. Glass Ceilings and Leadership - Shadowproof

    Glass Ceilings and Leadership Scarecrow ... If Democrats truly see their principal candidates as more or less ... John has been writing for Firedoglake since 2006 ...

  7. Do Democrats Need an Intervention? - Shadowproof

    Do Democrats Need an Intervention? ... If Democrats have essentially conceded they will inherit the full ... John has been writing for Firedoglake since 2006 or ...

  8. Democratic Convention 2016; Podcasts. Delete Your Account; Shadowproof Presents; Unauthorized Disclosure; Letters To The Editor; ... Firedoglake Covers the Prop 8 Trial.

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    Shadowproof is a progressive, reader-funded investigative reporting outlet dedicated to promoting civil rights, civil liberties and civil disobedience.

  10. Bush's Favorite Democrat Comes Out Swinging - Shadowproof

    Bush’s Favorite Democrat Comes Out Swinging ... the cudgels he applies to Democrats are never utilized on his GOP ... Jane is the founder of