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    So Democrats have reached the bargaining phase of the fiscal slope debacle. It’s hard to say whether they’re pushing this because they think they have an ...
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    a domain like into something that computers understand, ... The strongest part of your book argues that Democrats are in desperate need of savvier ...
    While Democrats, liberals, and President Obama frequently made the claim that the Affordable Care Act would eliminates medical bankruptcies it simply isn’t true.
    As one and all know by now, the Emptywheel blog is leaving Firedoglake. But, before we leave, I have a few things to say in parting. First, thanks to Jane Hamsher, a ...
    The Republicans are set to take the Senate this year. To understand why, you need to only look at how difficult it will be for Democrats to retain control at this point.
    Last night was very bad for Democrats on the ballot. Not only did they lose control of the Senate, but House Republicans now have their largest majority in decades.
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    Thanks for the update. All this proves is that Millenials aren’t being bamboozled by b.s. propaganda. Democrats ceased being “liberal” at least 30 years ago.