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    Japanese consumer electronics products maker Fujitsu has said that the name iPad belongs to them; it is the name of a handheld retail sales sector device which was ...
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    Fujitsu applied for the "iPad" mark in 2003, specifically covering handheld devices used in retail. (The Fujitsu iPad is a $2,000 Windows CE point-of-sale device.)
    "[About ScanSnap Connect Application]This application allows your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to receive images scanned with the color image scanner Scan."
    Jan 28, 2010 · Well, here we go again. Apple might have stolen all the headlines yesterday with the iPad, but as we've already noted, that name has been in dispute since ...
    Unless you’ve been without power for the last couple of days then you’ll instantly associate the word “iPad” with Apple’s latest device. But Apple may face ...
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    Fujitsu Scanner Guide for iPad - iPhone - Fujitsu ScannerGuide is the perfect tool to help you find the right document scanner to fit your personal or...
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    Apple’s iPad is barely a day old, and it’s already facing legal troubles. Not terribly surprising, as “iPad” is hardly original — and Apple has a history of ...
    Where to Buy a Fujitsu ScanSnap. CHOOSE A SCANNER ScanSnap S1100 for Mac or PC. ScanSnap S1100i for Mac or PC. ScanSnap S1300i for Mac or PC. ScanSnap iX100 ...
    Edit; Delete; The Fujitsu iPAD is a lightweight handheld device that was introduced by Fujitsu, in 2002. It runs Microsoft's CE.NET operating system.