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    Who really owns the iPad? Ahh, the iPad – the word that's been filling the tech world over the past day. But it's not an all new name. While Apple may have the ...
    Apple’s iPad is barely a day old, and it’s already facing legal troubles. Not terribly surprising, as “iPad” is hardly original — and Apple has a history of ...
    Edit; Delete; The Fujitsu iPAD is a lightweight handheld device that was introduced by Fujitsu, in 2002. It runs Microsoft's CE.NET operating system.
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    Fujitsu has come up with a power-packed app, ScanSnap to help you in accomplishing all your printing needs. The app comes with exclusive features and is suitable for ...
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    Fujitsu has stepped forward revealing that Apple’s iPad may infringe on its rights, as it was the first to apply for the iPad trademark over seven years ago.
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    Compare Fujitsu Siemens Stylistic Q550 and Apple iPad 2 32GB WiFi in India. Compare prices, specifications, features and prices side by side and make your decision.
    Where to Buy a Fujitsu ScanSnap. CHOOSE A SCANNER ScanSnap S1100 for Mac or PC. ScanSnap S1300i for Mac or PC. ScanSnap iX500 for Mac or PC. ScanSnap N1800 ...
    B. Install the ScanSnap Connect App on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. ... Fujitsu Computer Products of America. Filed: S1100,S1500,S1500M,ScanSnap Tips. Tweet;
    Jan 28, 2010 · Well, here we go again. Apple might have stolen all the headlines yesterday with the iPad, but as we've already noted, that name has been in dispute since ...
    Jan 28, 2010 · When Apple formally introduced its touchscreen tablet as the iPad Wednesday, it was not the first tech product to carry that moniker — Fujitsu released ...