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    New,reliable and user-friendly machines and water treatment equipment are now available for home hemodialysis patients.
    The purpose of this first NxStage Home Hemodialysis Patient Awareness Tour of 2013 was to ... the only portable hemodialysis machine that has been cleared for ...
    NxStage dialysis machine setup 2, NxStage dialysis machine setup 1, NxStage Dialysis - Setting Machine, Using the System One™ - Part 1 of 3: Setup for Treatment ...
    Many home dialyzors have had problems traveling with portable dialysis machines such as the NxStage System One™ although the Air Carrier Access Act prohibits ...
    NxStage Reports Record First Quarter ... The increase in revenue was driven by continued strong adoption of the NxStage ® System One ™ hemodialysis machine within ...
    Home hemodialysis (HHD) is another treatment option to consider if you prefer to have freedom, flexibility and privacy, and you want to take care of your treatments ...
    The System One home hemodialysis device developed by NxStage is the only FDA approved portable hemodialysis machine cleared for home use.
    As a portable home hemodialysis machine, the NxStage System One provides Mr. Wells the opportunity to fit hemodialysis therapy into his own lifestyle and schedule.
    How to set the NxStage Dialysis machine so the dialysate and fluid goals zero out at the same time.
    Loading the disposable cartridge, hanging the saline bag, and initiating prime.