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    NxStage® Launches New Home Hemodialysis Educational Resource LIVE booklet to increase awareness of life-changing benefits that may be experienced with more frequent ...
    FLEXIBLE IN-CENTER HEMODIALYSIS OPTIONS At NxStage Kidney Care, we are committed to supporting the following in-center hemodialysis options:
    Home Dialysis and Flexible In-Center Options. At NxStage Kidney Care, we will work with your physician and care team to develop the best therapy for you with the ...
    NxStage offers flexible in-center hemodialysis options, including flexible treatment hours and short-term respite care for home hemodialysis patients.
    Nocturnal dialysis, ... NxStage's nocturnal indication shows the Company's ... flexibility and an expanded paradigm for dialysis treatment with the ...
    How does the NxStage system work? The NxStage System One delivers hemodialysis therapy in a home setting. The System One consists of the following elements:
    NxStage System 1 Dialysis Machine, Using the System One™ - Part 1 of 3: Setup for Treatment, Using the System One™ - Part 2 of 3: Perform Treatment, NxStage ...
    Brian, as you know I offerred a theory to the cause of the issue with NxStage Product Management this morning. They will begin a test tomorrow to see if I am right.
    Wondering if anyone here is using the Nxstage Dialysis machine as I am looking at possibly using this for home dialysis.. need pros and cons please?
    Water Treatment for Home Hemodialysis When you do hemodialysis (HD), your blood is exposed to 25 to 50 times or more water than you could drink in a week.