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    Water Treatment for Home Hemodialysis When you do hemodialysis (HD), your blood is exposed to 25 to 50 times or more water than you could drink in a week.
    I was wondering if anyone out there every looked at what your center is charging your insurance company for each NxStage treatment? The other day we had a nurse here ...
    NxStage Medical, Inc. NxStage® Medical, Inc., is more than just a company; we are leading the renal revolution. By our own design, we're at the leading edge of a ...
    NxStage Medical Launches NxStage Plus One at 2014 Annual Dialysis Conference ... and increase access to and knowledge of home hemodialysis treatment availability. ...
    HOME HEMODIALYSIS Home Hemodialysis. Home hemodialysis is a treatment option to consider if you prefer to have the freedom, flexibility and privacy of dialyzing in ...
    When dialysis with NxStage System One is ... An important aspect of home nocturnal dialysis is that every treatment conducted by every patient is monitored via ...
    NxStage System 1 Dialysis Machine, Using the System One™ - Part 1 of 3: Setup for Treatment, NxStage dialysis machine setup 1, NxStage dialysis machine setup 2 ...
    NxStage Establishes First Annual National Home Hemodialysis Day Leading Home Dialysis Company Spreads "Green Ribbon" Awareness of the Benefits of Home Hemodialysis
    NxStage Medical, which has helped to rejuvenate interest in home hemodialysis, said it will develop new products for the peritoneal dialysis market in 2014
    It was after that treatment that my kidneys really started to go downhill. ... Dialysis is an honor to do for her. NxStage since June 2012 .