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    Families in Alsace generally eat choucroute garnie during the wintertime, because it's such a hearty, filling dish.; Jacques Pépin has adapted the recipe to make ...
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    Find the recipe for Choucroute Garnie and other white wine recipes at
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    • Choucroute alsacienne
    • Wine-braised Seafood Choucroute Recipe
    • choucroute garnie a l alsacienne the perfect french winter comfort ...
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    • Choucroute Garnie
    • Choucroute Royale
    • Food in Alsace-Lorraine, France,choucroute (no recipe)
    • Choucroute Alsacienne

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    Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Emeril's Favorite Choucroute Casserole recipe from Emeril Lagasse.
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    I used to hate the French dish choucroute, or sauerkraut as it's called in Germany. However, over the years I have finally come round to it and discovered that it's ...
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    Sep 04, 2002 · This is a wonderful recipe. I tried a couple sauerkraut and pork recipes before this, but this one is the best. The juniper berries are definitely worth using.
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    Feb 19, 2008 · Was served this recipe by friends. Favorite of the family! Log In Sign Up Everyday ... Choucroute Garnie a L'alsacienne (Alsatian Pork W/Sauerkraut)
    Choucroute Garnie à l'Alsacienne. Sauerkraut Garnished with Smoked, Cured, and Fresh Pork Serves 6-8 . No other dish shows off the richly varied charcuterie of ...
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    Wash sauerkraut under cold water until all the preserving liquid has been washed off. Drain and squeeze dry. Layer 1/2 sauerkraut, apples, onion, juniper berries and ...
    If you come from Alsace, choucroute garnie probably tastes like home. For the rest of us, this French dish is all about warmth, comfort and abundance: sauerkraut ...
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    Get this delicious and easy-to-follow Choucroute Garni recipe at Food Network.