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    Aug 07, 2008 · Get the Wonkette: The D.C. Gossip widget on! Wonkette: The D.C. Gossip
    Posts about wonkette written by Amrita ... If ever a picture was worth a 1000 words… A 1000 Sully words. So awesome on so many levels.
    Apr 21, 2011 · Wonkette, the gossipy political blog, has deleted a post mocking Sarah Palin's son Trig, who has Down syndrome, after many of its advertisers announced ...
    Back in the early days of political blogging, 2004 to be exact, a sex scandal in Washington DC over a blog called the “Washingtonienne,” a first person account of ...
    Liberal outrage-manufacturing blog Wonkette staffs itself with the finest leftover scraps, staffing its site with liberal arts majors caught without a job and pitting ...
    Dec 23, 2006 · Perusing the internets last night led me to a highly suspect entry on her blog: It's a startling insight into the seedy ...
    March 2, 2009. Republican pundit Mike Murphy drove the message home on the March 1 telecast of NBC’s Meet The Press. Demographics have changed since the Republican ...
    All Indecision Blog posts tagged Wonkette ... * All this time we thought Congress was a nice, quiet neighbor. * Onion article or actual article?
    Mar 20, 2013 · Kaili's first contribution is up at Wonkette and it is terrific. Happy Conservative Warriors Defeated by Mysterious CPAC Plague Caused By Liberals Probably.
    Origins Edit. touts itself as the "D.C. Gossip", which everyone knows really means "hooker". Rumours vary as to Miss Wonkette's actual background ...