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    Wonkette slobbers over anti-Semite Brooks Bayne, ... That’s laugh “at,” not “with.”) Now, Wonkette has become another below-average, unfunny lefty blog.
    I posted the other day in response to a Wonkette item and I asked: Wonkette Antisemitic? Well, a Ken Layne from Wonkette wrote me the following:
    Otherwise: I am a Wonkette emerita, political junkie, self-hating journalist and occasional grown-up: I used to do this. ... his blog makes up for lost time; Abbie
    Do you find yourself in need of hair recovery from a summer-long binge of sun,wind, chlorine filled pools and salt water beaches? Beauty Wonkette surely does.
    About Wonkette Wonkette is a DC- and LA-based national politics blog with a satirical bent. Friends of Little Village, Wonkette joins The Straight Dope, News Quirks ...
    Wonkette’s Jack Stuef published a vile post “celebrating” Trig Palin’s birthday on Monday that called Trig “irredeemably vile” and “unfunny ...
    Ana Marie was the first blogger at Wonkette, ... a trackback is a wormhole that rends the fabric of the blog/time continuum and allows visitors from another ...
    Posts about Wonkette written by Mike Licht. NotionsCapital. ... Marc Fisher’s column and blog discuss how the DC region is ignored by presidential candidates.
    Unfortunately they didn't have space to include our here it is again!
    More companies have joined Papa Johns, Huggies and Vanguard in dropping ads from the liberal, pro-abortion blog Wonkette after it ran a crass post mocking ...