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  • Ricky N.
    Ricky N.
    No dentalcare? No problem. Come in here for an exam and cleaning. So cheap it'll blow your socks off... or your toothbrush off. I have to agree with the great things Brian K. said. Staff are...more
  • Nathan Y.
    Nathan Y.
    I had my cleaning here. Katie clean my right side of my mouth, and Nikki clean the left side of my mouth. I had a great experience, the front desk, Michael was really helpful and informative about...more
  • Brian K.
    Brian K.
    The staff here is GREAT! They cleaned my teeth for almost nothing. They were very thorough and even did a health screening before my dental appointment. They cleaned my teeth better than my...more
  • Ash F.
    Ash F.
    Students get free cleanings once a year! The appointments take longer (2-3 hrs) but they do a very thorough job. All the students are monitored by a supervising hygienist and there are four to...more