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The Friday Store

10 reviews on Yelp
  • Fri:9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sat:9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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  • Jennifer R.
    Jennifer R.
    This store is a budget conscious person's dream! I heard great things about this tucked away, obscure store for awhile. My husband works at the window tinting company that you first see when...more
  • Emilee D.
    Emilee D.
    This salvage goods store tucked away in Arvada is a great place for canned fruits and canned pumpkin. They have a lot of offerings and I was intrigued by their fresh cheese selection. The prices...more
  • Abby K.
    If you don't mind digging around and hunting for a good bargain then the Friday store is for you! I'll probably make it a once a month trip. Don't get discouraged at getting lost a little bit,...more
  • Aspen S.
    LOVED IT! If you are into backpacking and want cheap food to take this is the place. I would recommend going in with no specific food agenda and see the food selection. For instance, crystal...more
  • Tiddleywink V.
    Tiddleywink V.
    You know that rack at the back of the supermarket, usually near the warehouse doors, where they offer the nearly-out-of-date baked goods and dented cans at a discount? Now imagine enough of that...more