• Beautiful building-breath taking inside and out.
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  • Adrianne B.
    Adrianne B.
    **This is a review of Fountain Street Church as a venue.** My family attended a performance of Benjamin Britten's "Noah's Flood," put on by Opera Grand Rapids at Fountain Street Church. The...more
  • F A.
    F A.
    When I first moved to Grand Rapids in 1984, I was in search of a spiritual home. I was not a particular religious person, but I felt a need to connect to open-minded, liberal thinkers. I fell in...more
  • Timothy M.
    Timothy M.
    I'm not really into the new-agey stuff and this church lays it on very thick. They make a point to be pretty much Unitarian Universalist in their philosophies, meaning that you can come here and...more
  • Dennis H.
    One of the most important places in my life. Fountain Street Church is where I learned to think for myself about all things involving belief, faith, religion and spirituality -- and,...more