• There is a tea for everything in here! Mama checking it out!
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  • 14 Photos
  • It's a new century but my pictures are still looking like the old one
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New Century Grocery and Food

27 reviews on Yelp
International Market
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  • Fox E.
    Fox E.
    I needed a replacement guard to watch the door, so I ordered a New Sentry. Ended up here instead. Oops. Not as fancy and new as the other Asian grocery store in this Plaza, but nevertheless a...more
  • Debra W.
    Debra W.
    Ugh, I hate to do but I have to. For the hot bar up front - they still get the most stars but they are not just a hot bar up front. There is the whole big store you know. I was coming in for...more
  • Somchai S.
    Somchai S.
    I was less than 24 moved into the Charlotte area when I sought out an asian grocery story to fill my new pantry. Coming from Chicago and going a varied selections of Great Vietnamese grocers to...more
  • Victoria W.
    Victoria W.
    We all know that Asian Corner is super sketchy, and this grocery store being located in Asian Corner, you can only guess the rest. The parking lot pavement are all bumpy and broken up. They don't...more
  • Late D.
    Late D.
    It's kind of sad coming into here... especially with the other supermarket at the other end of the plaza. However. I DO like this one a lot more. It has more items, the aisles are wider so no...more