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Blue Top Drive in

38 reviews on Yelp
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  • Steve S.
    Steve S.
    Burger: an A. Big, juicy, flavorful patties on a substantial bun. This is a place where you don't need to order a double to get a decent amount of meat. Fries: A-/B+ Crisp and pretty tasty, but...more
  • Jason H.
    Jason H.
    We stopped at Blue Top on the way home from a hockey tournament. Blue top has a lot of charm and caters to 50s/60s car culture. They do have curb service in the summer. We both ordered a...more
  • W M.
    W M.
    Nice little place in Highland, IN. The shakes are good, the atmosphere good and customers friendly. Have been here a few times and the cars that show up in the evening are great. The owner is a...more
  • daniel m.
    daniel m.
    Your .25 cent hotdogs are bait and switch. Two hot dogs actually cost $10. To get ur .25 cent hot dog u gotta buy all kinds of crap. 25 cents should mean 25 cents. Bait and switch warning.more
  • Succeedin F.
    Succeedin F.
    This is an amazing place! It is a Community staple but I admit that I started going more often under the new AMAZING Management/Ownership. He has revitalized the "Collective/Auto Community in...more