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  • Maria G.
    Maria G.
    I was at the historic El Casino Ballroom for KXCI local radio's House Rocking Blues event last Friday 8/10/12. This is a GREAT venue for live music. El Casino makes me happy. It is an original,...more
  • Tiffany S.
    Tiffany S.
    Came in to view for my brothers upcoming wedding; the location isn't the best but the space & pricing make up for the location. There was an event going on later & the venue was decorated...more
  • Christine T.
    Christine T.
    Odd place to find...odd place to be...I never heard of it before we went to a Rocking Blues night. It was 50's and older crowd...people from all walks of life out to enjoy music and dancing....more
  • Gabriela F.
    Gabriela F.
    This place is odd. The space is odd, the location is very odd, but for the Outlaw Rebels Rockabilly concert we went to, it was just fine. I could see this being a good space for a wedding, they...more