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  • Scott F.
    Scott F.
    Golf outing with our neighborhood guys (10) and a member at Golden Valley hosted a men's event for a group of guys in our neighborhood. The staff was very helpful upon check in and the range was...more
  • Jeannine Marie P.
    Jeannine Marie P.
    Beautiful venue! Loved the space! I recently photographed a winter wedding here and loved all of the spots for photos (we were lucky to have nice enough weather to get outside too!) Great indoor...more
  • Dr. Cassandra R.
    Attended a function, there, on May 1. When I asked if there was an option for vegetarians (because, there seemed to be only chicken being served), the server was a bit rude, saying that there was...more
  • Briar L.
    Briar L.
    Owners and members were very rude and inhospitable. Unwelcoming, and uninviting is how you would describe them. I have never met more rude people.more
  • John N.
    Attended a wedding reception here. Perhaps it was just bad luck for the evening but the management staff was borderline hostile to guests during the event casting a more than uncomfortable pall...more