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AC Drive-In

5 reviews on Yelp
American Restaurant
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  • Grabiela J.
    Grabiela J.
    So, I used to go to a Small burger joint next to Burger's Etc. in Rupert which recently changed its name to Happy Kamper Cookery. I loved going there as a child, and my mom would always take me...more
  • Isaac L.
    Isaac L.
    The food is always decent but the service has taken a horrible downward turn. We ordered 6 burgers (a $40 order btw) When we got down the road we counted only five. So we returned and asked for...more
  • Corey S.
    Corey S.
    Small, dry, lifeless portions. I asked for more fry sauce to choke their hotdog down, nothing doing you have to purchase extra fry sauce. Used to be good, now it's just cheap, crappy and over...more
  • Gonzalo M.
    Gonzalo M.
    I try to make it a point to eat here any time I'm in Burley. No salads or tofu burgers here no sir. Just good old fashioned drive in messy greasy food. My brother swears by the Farmer Brown, my...more
  • Brandon E.
    Brandon E.
    This place is for you if you like greasy good tasting food. The sauce on the Burgers is highly addictive but the price for the food is a bit ridiculous!!! But like every addict I come back I'd...more