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  • Ivory Orchidphotography G.
    Ivory Orchidphotography G.
    This is my first time choosing a credit union over a bank. I really like that it is local and not-for-profit! They were all really friendly when I opened my account and they've been really great...more
  • Benjamin G.
    Benjamin G.
    HATE HATE HATE THIS PLACE!!! So my experiences with credit unions have been universally bad, but this one is the one that has made me decide to use a BANK because whatever they might charge me is...more
  • Leigh F.
    Leigh F.
    If your looking for an unprofessional, non supportive, non communicative , hold please kind of back water of a credit union you have found it.more
  • Bryan B.
    I do not like even going to this place to make a payment, as most of the employees seem to have a flippant, cavalier, supercilious attitude. They seem to be in the stone age when it comes to...more
  • T B.
    T B.
    I like using credit unions for banking. It's like a not for profit bank. Had pretty good luck in the past but when I moved to Sierra Vista last Fall, there wasn't much selection. I didn't...more