• Large beef fried rice and eggroll.
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  • Crab racoon is so delicious and my favorite Orange chickenlove it
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Sun Wong

40 reviews on Yelp
Chinese Restaurant
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  • Kendra W.
    Kendra W.
    I usually don't stop some place that doesn't have any reviews yet but coming home from work late, didn't want to cook and it was on the side of the street I happened to be driving on - I thought...more
  • Theresa C.
    Theresa C.
    Sun Wong is legit! The food is fresh and the portions are huge. This is mostly a take out place but there are a couple tables you can dine in. They do offer smoothies too!more
  • Stephanie G.
    Stephanie G.
    We tried to order through yelp and were able to place the order but when we called the restaurant we were told that they're no longer accepting online order.more
  • Jill S.
    Jill S.
    I've ordered from here a number of times and the food has been fine. Today I ordered the Beef in Garlic Sauce and when it arrived it was nothing like any other order of this I've received. It was...more
  • Karen P.
    Karen P.
    Very good orange chicken, lunch/dinner deals are the best and they always have my order ready on time, will be back soonmore