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  1. January 11 - Wikipedia

    January 11 is the 11th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 354 days remain until the end of the year (355 in leap years).

  2. 11 janvier — Wikipédia

    Le 11 janvier est le 11e jour de l' année du calendrier grégorien. Il reste 354 jours avant la fin de l'année, 355 en cas d' année bissextile. C'était généralement le 22e jour du mois de nivôse dans le calendrier républicain français, officiellement dénommé jour du sel. 10 janvier - 11 janvier - 12 janvier

  3. Republican marches - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Republican marches (French: Marches républicaines) were a series of rallies that took place in cities across France on 10–11 January 2015 to honour the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the Montrouge shooting, and the Porte de Vincennes siege, and also to voice support for freedom of speech.

  4. Manifestations des 10 et 11 janvier 2015; Usage on Charlie Hebdo; Usage on シャルリー・エブド襲撃事件; Usage on 11 de janeiro; Usage on 2015; Usage on Напад на редакцију листа Шарли ебдо; Usage on Pháp

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    File:Marche du 11 Janvier 2015, Paris (5).jpg Jump to ... No pages on the English Wikipedia use this file (pages on other projects are not listed).

  6. 11 janviér — Vouiquipèdiaér

    Cél articllo est ècrit en arpetan supradialèctâl / ORB lârge.: Lo 11 janviér est lo 11 émo jorn de l’an du calendriér grègorien.. Èvènements Nèssances Dècès

  7. 2020 Taiwanese presidential election - Wikipedia

    Eligibility. Presidential candidates and Vice Presidential running mates are elected on the same ticket, using first-past-the-post voting.This was the seventh direct election of the president and vice president, the posts having previously been indirectly elected by the National Assembly until 1996.

  8. Janvier - Wikipedia

    Philippe Janvier (actor) (born Jacques Philippe Nugeyre, 1903–1967), French actor Thomas Allibone Janvier (1849–1913), American writer and historian, brother of Margaret Ulysse-Janvier Robillard (1826–1900), Quebec merchant and political figure

  9. File:Certificat de vie délivré par la mairie de Lyon, 11 ...

    Apr 21, 2017 · Français : Certificat de vie délivré par la mairie de Lyon 7 e le 11 janvier 1945. Conservé aux Archives départementales du Rhône, cote : 283 W 5.

  10. Casablanca - Wikipedia

    About 98% live in urban areas. Around 25% of them are under 15 and 9% are over 60 years old. The population of the city is about 11% of the total population of Morocco. Grand Casablanca is also the largest urban area in the Maghreb. 99.9% of the population of Morocco are Arab and Berber Muslims.