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    The 26th century BC was a century which lasted from the year 2600 BC to 2501 BC. Events. c. 2900 BC – 2334 BC: Mesopotamian wars of the Early Dynastic ...

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      c. 2750–2600 BC: Early Dynastic II Period in Mesopotamia. c....

  2. The 26th century BC is a century which was from the year 2600 BC to 2501 BC. Events. Picture of the Great Pyramid of Khufu. c. 2900 BC – 2334 BC: Mesopotamian ...

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    26th century 27th century. The 639 year long performance of John Cage's organ work As Slow As Possible (begun in 2001) is scheduled to finish at the St. Burchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany on September 5, 2640. [citation needed] 28th century

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    c. 2900 BC – 2334 BC: Mesopotamianwars of the Early Dynastic period continue.
    c. 2600 BC: The Harappan civilizationrises to become a powerful civilization.
    c. 2600 BC: Pre-Palace Period, phase I, in Crete(Mellersh 1970)
    c. 2600 BC – 2500 BC: Wild horses still provide hunting feasts in Denmark. (Clutton-Brock)

    Butmir culture existed in Butmir, near Ilidža, Bosnia and Herzegovina, dating from the Neolithicperiod. It is characterized by its unique pottery, and is one of the best researched European culture...

    c. 2601 BC–2578 BC—reign of Pharaoh Khufu of Egypt's Fourth Dynasty
    2599 BC—Huniis Pharaoh. (Atlas of Egypt 1989)
    2575 BC—Old Kingdom in Egypt; 4th Dynasty; Sneferuis Pharaoh. (Atlas of Egypt 1989)
    2528 BC—Ra'djedefis Pharaoh. (Atlas of Egypt 1989)
    Rock drawings at Rødøy in Norway show the use of skis
    Bactrian Camel and Dromedaryare domesticated
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    2590s BC 2580s 2570s 2560s 2550s 2540s 2530s 2520s 2510s 2500s BC English: The 26th century BC started the first day of 2600 BC and ended the last day of 2501 BC. 26th century BC

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    c. 2500 BC – 2000 BC: Mohenjo-daro is about 7 square miles (18 km 2) in size and has a population of c. 20,000 to 50,000. c. 2494 BC – 2345 BC : "Sculptors at work", relief from Saqqara , Fifth Dynasty .

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    1950 BC—The copper bar cubit of Nippur defines the Sumerian cubit (approximately 51.72 cm). [citation needed] c. 1900 BC - Cacao is domesticated by the Mokaya in Guatemala. Sovereign states. See: List of sovereign states in the 20th century BC. References

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