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    3D Realms was created in 1994 for the 3D game Terminal Velocity and was responsible for the latest installments of the successful Duke Nukem games and for producing the Max Payne series (earlier 3D games like Rise of the Triad were released under the Apogee name).

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    Public records reflect that on March 30, 2018 3D Realms ownership was changed such that it still remains a subsidiary of MDN Holding ApS but it is no longer wholly owned by that company, now that company owns "66,67-89,99%" of 3D Realms and Slipgate Studios owns "20-24,99%".

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  4. Duke Nukem 3D - Wikipedia

    Duke Nukem 3D is a first-person shooter video game developed by 3D Realms.It is a sequel to the platform games Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II, published by 3D Realms.. Duke Nukem 3D features the adventures of the titular Duke Nukem, voiced by Jon St. John, who fights against an alien invasion on Earth.

  5. 3D Realms | Duke Nukem Wiki | Fandom

    3D Realms is the company that originally developed and published the Duke Nukem franchise. Although 3D Realms was previously known as Apogee Software, Apogee Software has been a distinct entity since 2008. The company was founded by Scott Miller in 1987 and was originally headquartered in Garland, Texas.

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    3D Realms (שם חוקי: Apogee Software, Ltd) היא חברת הוצאה לאור של משחקי וידאו ששוכנת ב אולבורג, דנמרק (לאחר ששכנה בעברה ב גרלנד, טקסס, שב ארצות הברית).

  7. 3D Realms - Wikipedia

    Ime 3D Realms je nastalo u julu 1994. godine, te je označavalo dio Apogee Software-a koji se bavio razvojem 3D igara. Međutim nedugo nakon ovog poteza 3D igre su počele da dominiraju industrijom, te se Apogee Software fokusirao na njih, što ja dovelo do toga da je ime Apogee Software izbačeno iz marketinga krajem 1996 . godine.

  8. 3D Realms – Wikipedia

    3D Realms (virallisesti Apogee Software, Ltd.) on pääosin action-pelejä kehittävä, vuonna 1987 perustettu yhdysvaltalainen yritys. Sen pääkonttori on Garlandin kaupungissa Texasissa.

  9. 3D Realms - Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure

    3D Realms (nom legal Apogee Software, Ltd.) és una empresa publicadora i distribuïdora de videojocs establerta a Garland, Texas el 1987, el principal accionista de l'empresa és Action Entertainment Software Inc. És molt coneguda per popularitzar el model de distribució shareware així com la creació de franquícies d' ordinador com Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Shadow Warrior i per ser creadora del motor gràfic Build.

  10. Welcome to 3D Realms 3D Realms is back. After a historic 26 years of kicking ass and not chewing gum, the legendary developer is returning with new talent, new games and a renewed passion for innovative experiences. Check out our latest games below and feel free to join our Discord!

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