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    Aragorn is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium.He is one of the main protagonists of The Lord of the Rings.Aragorn was a Ranger of the North, first introduced with the name Strider and later revealed to be the heir of Isildur, King of Gondor.

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      Sauron, the Dark Lord, had made the One Ring, a Ring of...

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      Aragorn was the son of Arathorn II and his wife Gilraen.[T...

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    Aragorn was a normal horse until Dane Whitman used Nathan Garrett's techniques to give him large, fully feathered wings that allow him to fly. He is an experienced battle steed on land and aloft. He is an experienced battle steed on land and aloft.

    • Flight via feathered wings, Enhanced intelligence, Experienced battle steed
    • Roy Thomas and George Tuska
    • Aragorn
    • The Avengers #48 (Jan. 1968)
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    The area of Aragon is 47 720 km 2 of which 15 636 km 2 belong to the province of Huesca, 17 275 km 2 to the province of Zaragoza and 14 810 km 2 to the province of Teruel. The total represents a 9.43% of the surface of Spain, being thus the fourth autonomous community in size behind Castile and León, Andalusia, and Castile-La Mancha.

    • 47,720 km² (18,420 sq mi)
    • Spain
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    "The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen" is a story within the Appendices of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. It narrates the love of the mortal Man Aragorn and the immortal Elf-maiden Arwen, telling the story of their first meeting, their eventual betrothal and marriage, and the circumstances of their deaths. Tolkien called the tale "really essential to the story". In contrast to the non-narrative appendices it extends the main story of the book to cover events both before and after it, one rea

    The tale is set in the Third and Fourth Ages of J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe, Middle-earth, and was published in 1955 in The Return of the King as the fifth part of the first section of Appendix A of The Lord of the Rings.[T 1] In the main text of the book, Aragorn is presented almost without detail of his relationships, other than a brief interaction with Éowyn, the lady of Rohan, while Arwen barely speaks and hardly features until her marriage at the end of the book. In a letter ...

    In Tolkien's fictional universe, the frame story is that the tale was written by Faramir and Éowyn's grandson Barahir after Aragorn's death, and that an abbreviated version of the tale was included in the copy of the Thain's Book made by Findegil.[T 4] The Tolkien scholar Giuseppe Pezzini writes that the "meta-textual frame... is duly harmonised in the text through the use of formal features; the appendixes are indeed full of scribal glosses, later notes, and editorial references that are meant

    Aragorn, visiting Rivendell, sings the Lay of Lúthien, an immortal Elf-maiden in the First Age who marries a man, Beren, thereby choosing a mortal life. As he does so, "Lúthien walked before his eyes": he sees Arwen in the woods, and calls out to her "Tinúviel! Tinúviel!" as Beren had done; she reveals that although she seems no older than he, she is of great age, having "the life of the Eldar". He falls in love with her. Arwen's father, Elrond the Half-elven, sees without being told ...

    The medievalist and scholar of Old English literature and its use in fantasy, Tom Shippey, analyses the tale for what it says about Tolkien's delicate balance between open Christianity and his treatment of his characters as heathens, a word that Shippey observes Tolkien uses very

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    The Kingdom of Aragon (Aragonese: Reino d'Aragón, Catalan: Regne d'Aragó, Latin: Regnum Aragoniae, Spanish: Reino de Aragón) was a medieval and early modern kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula, corresponding to the modern-day autonomous community of Aragon, in Spain.

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    Aragorn II, filho de Arathorn é uma personagem fictícia criada pelo professor e filólogo britânico J. R. R. Tolkien na sua obra O Senhor dos Anéis, de que é um dos protagonistas. Aragorn era um Guardião do Norte, introduzido pela primeira vez com o nome Strider [ nota 1 ] em Bree , como os hobbits continuaram a chamá-lo ao longo de O ...

    • Casa de Isildur, Telcontar
    • 2931 da 3ª Era do Sol
    • Deixou por vontade própria os círculos do mundo no ano 120 da 4ª Era do Sol
    • Viggo Mortensen
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    Aragorn was a descendant of Elros Tar-Minyatur. His ancestor Arvedui was wedded to Fíriel, who was descended from Anárion, who bore their son Aranarth, making Aragorn the last descendant of Anárion as well.When he was only two years old, his father Arathorn was killed while pursuing orcs. Aragorn was afterwards fostered in Rivendell by Elrond. At the request of his mother, his lineage was kept secret, as she feared he would be killed like his father and grandfather if his true identity as the...

    In The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen, he was said to be often grim and sad, with unexpected moments of levity. Some time after the publications of the books, Tolkien wrote that he was six feet six inches tall.Aragorn possessed Elven wisdom due to his childhood in Rivendell with Elrond and the foresight of the Dúnedain. He was also a skilled healer, notably with the plant Athelas (also known as Kingsfoil). He was also a mighty warrior and an unmatched commander; after the Battle of the Pelennor Fi...

    The name Aragorn means \\"Revered King\\", from the Sindarin ara (\\"king\\") and (n)gorn (\\"revered\\"). Aragorn was named after Aragorn I.

    The restoration of the line of Elendil to the throne of Gondor is a subplot of The Lord of the Rings; Aragorn's adventures not only aid Frodo in his Quest, but also bring him closer to his own kingship which, though his by right and lineage, has been left open for centuries due to historical, legal, and military circumstances. The people of Gondor have been under the rule of the Stewards of Gondor for centuries, as it was widely doubted that any of the royal line still lived. Shortly after Is...

    Richard J. Finn presented a paper entitled \\"Arthur and Aragorn - Arthurian Influence in LOTR at the Forty-First International Congress on Medieval Studies\\". The are additional similarities between Aragorn and Arthur beyond those pointed out by Finn. Arthur is descended from Kings of Goddodin - Coel Hen, Aragorn becomes King of Gondor. Kings of the period in Goddodin lived at both Traprain Law and Din Eidyn (Edinburgh, still known as Dùn Éideann in Scottish Gaelic) remarkably similar to Dúnada...

    1. The Fellowship of the Ring 2. The Two Towers 3. The Return of the King 4. The Silmarillion (Mentioned only)

    In The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (2001 – 2003) directed by Peter Jackson, Aragorn is played by Danish-American actor Viggo Mortensen, who took over the role from Stuart Townsend after a month of rehearsals. In these movies, Aragorn must overcome his self-doubt to claim the kingship. This specific element of self-doubt is not present in Tolkien's books, where Aragorn intends to claim the throne all along. Daniel Day-Lewis was offered the role, but declined.In order to ensure safe passage...

    1. Aragorn is also descended from the House of Finwë, since Idril is his ancestor Elros' grandmother, Turgon is his grandfather, and Fingolfin is his great-grandfather. 1. Near the end of the first movie The Fellowship of the Ring, in the scene where Aragorn fights the Uruk-hai Captain Lurtz, Aragorn uses his sword to deflect his Elvish dagger, which Lurtz threw at him after he stabbed him in the leg with it. This was not meant to happen as in the original script the knife was supposed to mi...

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    Aragorn was born in T.A. 2931 to the Chieftain Arathorn, and received the name Aragorn. But his grandmother, Ivorwen, noted with foresight that Aragorn would one day wear on his breast a green stone.A legend says that the Wizard Gandalf had brought such a stone from Valinor. He gave the Elessar to the Elven Lady Galadriel, and remarked prophetically that she would pass it to another, who will also be called Elessar. From this would come his royal name Elessar (Quenya for \\"Elfstone\\"), and he w...

    The name Aragorn is Sindarin, meaning \\"Revered King\\", from aran (\\"king\\") and (n)gorn (\\"dreaded, revered\\").This clear etymology from Tolkien was not revealed until the publication in 2007 of \\"Words, Phrases & Passages in The Lord of the Rings\\", a late 1950s manuscript. Before that, several theories were proposed: 1. Ruth S. Noel and several others proposed \\"King of the Tree\\", but Tolkien specifically said that this was not the case. 2. David Salo deduces \\"Having Kingly Valor\\" from Tolkien's cr...

    In the earliest unpublished versions of The Lord of the Rings (see The History of The Lord of the Rings), the character that later became Aragorn was called Trotter instead of Strider, and was a Hobbit instead of a Man. He had wooden feet, because he had once traveled to Mordor and been tortured there.

    1955: The Lord of the Rings (1955 radio series):1978: The Lord of the Rings (1978 film):1979: The Lord of the Rings (1979 radio series):1980: Rankin/Bass' The Return of the King:1981: The Lord of the Rings (1981 radio series):1988: J.R.R. Tolkien's War in Middle Earth:2001: Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring:2002: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (video game):2002: Peter Jackson's The Two Towers:2002: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (video game):2003: Peter Jack...

    1. Images of Aragorn 2. Timeline of Aragorn 3. \\"Aragorn Seen Through Different Media\\" by Connie Veugen, comparing the introduction of Strider in Ralph Bakshi's film, the 1981 BBC radio play, Peter Jackson's film and Vivendi's video game of The Fellowship of the Ring.

    1. ↑ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, \\"The Númenorean Kings\\", \\"The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen\\" 2. ↑ Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull (eds), The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion, p. 229 3. ↑ 3.0 3.1 3.2 J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, \\"At the Sign of the Prancing Pony\\" 4. ↑ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King, \\"The Steward and the King\\" 5. ↑ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Appendix B. 6. ↑ J.R.R. T...

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    Aragorn II Elessar, son of Arathorn, also known in the wild as Strider, is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, and the tritagonist of the novel, The Lord of the Rings, and it's Oscar-Winning film trilogy by Peter Jackson. He is a Ranger of the North, first introduced by the name Strider, which the hobbits continue to call him. At the end of The Lord of the Rings, he is ...

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