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  1. Avenida Pensilvania (Washington D. C.) La Avenida Pensilvania (en inglés: Pennsylvania Avenue) es una calle en Washington D. C. que conecta la Casa Blanca y el Capitolio de los Estados Unidos. Llamada Calle Principal de América ( America's Main Street) 1 es la ubicación de desfiles y procesiones, al igual que protestas y marchas civiles.

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  2. Pennsylvania Avenue is a diagonal street in Washington, D.C., and Prince George's County, Maryland, that connects the White House and the United States Capitol and then crosses the city to Maryland. In Maryland it is also Maryland Route 4 (MD 4) to MD 717 in Upper Marlboro, where it becomes Stephanie Roper Highway.

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  4. The Pennsylvania Avenue Line was extended southeast to the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge over the Anacostia River in the late 1890s, with some cars running there and some continuing to serve the Navy Yard. [citation needed] A loop off the line through the West End of Washington was authorized on June 4, 1900 [6] and opened on March 24, 1901. [7]

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    Construction of Pennsylvania Avenue

    Prior to the settlement of the area by European colonists, the Piscataway tribe of Native Americans occupied the northeastern banks of the Potomac River, although no permanent settlements are known in the area now encompassed by the city of Washington.As the region began to be settled, David Burns obtained the first title to the area which would become Pennsylvania Avenue NW in 1774. Article One, Section 8, of the United States Constitution established a "District... [to] become the seat of t...

    Growing development of the Pennsylvania Avenue district

    The historic site saw limited growth prior to the 1850s, although a number of firsts also occurred in the area. James Greenleaf, an early land speculator in the city, erected the first buildings (six row houses) on Pennsylvania Avenue in the spring and summer of 1794 at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue NW and 22nd Street NW, and another seven similar buildings were erected about the same time by General Walter Stewart. The "Six Buildings" erected by Greenleaf served as the first headquarters...

    By the 1950s, Pennsylvania Avenue was marked by deteriorating homes, shops, and office buildings on the north side and monumental Neoclassical federal office buildings on the south side. President John F. Kennedy noticed the dilapidated condition of the street when his inaugural procession traversed Pennsylvania Avenue in 1961. Kennedy established ...

    Several events of national importance in American history have occurred within the boundaries of the Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site. Pennsylvania Avenue in particular is the focal point for a great many politically important parades and protests. A number of these historic events have been assassinations or funerals. President Abraham L...

    The historic site is often used as a political metaphor in the United States. Political scientists and political commentators often use the mile-and-a-half (2.4 kilometres) length of Pennsylvania Avenue as a metaphor for the political gulf which sometimes exist between the President's and Congress's policy priorities. It has also been used as a met...

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  5. Avenida Pensilvania (Weirton, Virginia Occidental), el nombre de la Ruta de Virginia Occidental 105. Otros nombres r En Washington D. C. Puente de la Avenida Pensilvania, un puente a lo largo de Rock Creek. Línea de la Avenida Pensilvania, ruta del Metrobus en Washington D. C.

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