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    Baltimore (/ ˈ b ɔː l t ɪ m ɔːr / BAWL-tim-or, locally: / ˈ b ɔː l m ər /) is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maryland, as well as the 30th most populous city in the United States, with a population of 593,490 in 2019.

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  3. Baltimore County, Maryland - Wikipedia,_Maryland

    Baltimore County is the third-most populous county located in the U.S. state of Maryland and is part of the Baltimore metropolitan area and Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area (a combined statistical area). Baltimore County is part of the Northeast megalopolis, which stretches from Virginia northward to Boston. Baltimore County hosts a ...

  4. Baltimore is the biggest city in the U.S. state of Maryland.In 2010 it had about 620,961 people living there. It is not in any county, so it is called an independent city. It is next to the Chesapeake Bay and used to be an important port for trade by ships.

  5. Maryland - Wikipedia

    Maryland has an area of 12,406.68 square miles (32,133.2 km 2) and is comparable in overall area with Belgium [11,787 square miles (30,530 km 2)]. It is the 42nd largest and 9th smallest state and is closest in size to the state of Hawaii [10,930.98 square miles (28,311.1 km 2)], the next smaller state.

    • 12,407 sq mi (32,133 km²)
    • 7 Democrats, 1 Republican (list)
  6. Crime in Baltimore - Wikipedia

    Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. is notorious for its significantly high crime rate, including a violent crime rate that ranks high above the national average.Violent crime spiked in 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, 2015, which touched off riots and an increase in murders.

    • 949.7
    • 62.29**
    • 55.7
    • 958.71
  7. Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area - Wikipedia–Washington...

    The Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area is a combined statistical area consisting of the overlapping labor market region of the cities of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. The region includes Central Maryland, Northern Virginia , three counties in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia , and one county in South Central Pennsylvania .

  8. List of mayors of Baltimore - Wikipedia

    History. James Calhoun was first elected in 1794 under the old Baltimore Town government with a group of town commissioners, and continued as the new first mayor under the new City Charter in 1796–97, when the City was incorporated as the "City of Baltimore" (occasionally entitled officially as the "Mayor and City Council of Baltimore") under the authority of the General Assembly of Maryland ...

  9. Pigtown, Baltimore - Wikipedia,_Baltimore

    Carroll built one of Maryland's first iron foundries on the property, which operated the largest pig iron furnace in the colonies prior to the American Revolution. Dr. Carroll was a cousin of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, who signed the Declaration of Independence. In 1827, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was founded in Baltimore. Ground was ...

  10. Baltimore Ravens - Wikipedia

    This led to public outrage and The Baltimore Sun describing Tagliabue as having an "Anybody But Baltimore" policy. Maryland governor William Donald Schaefer said afterward that Tagliabue had led him on, praising Baltimore and the proposed owners while working behind-the-scenes to oppose Baltimore's bid.

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    • Poe (costumed mascot), Rise and Conquer (live ravens)
  11. List of counties in Maryland - Wikipedia

    Many of the counties in Maryland were named for relatives of the Barons Baltimore, who were the proprietors of the Maryland colony from its founding in 1634 through 1771. The Barons Baltimore were Catholic , and George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore , originally intended that the colony be a haven for English Catholics, though for most of its ...

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