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  1. Banja Luka - Wikipedia › wiki › Banja_Luka

    Banja Luka is also de facto capital of this entity. It is the traditional centre of the densely-forested Bosanska Krajina region of northwestern Bosnia. According to the 2013 census, the city proper has a population of 138,963, while its administrative area comprises a total of 185,042 inhabitants.

  2. Banja Luka - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Banja_Luka

    Banja Luka (Бања Лука), or Banjaluka is a city in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located on the Vrbas river. It is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many people say it is one of the country's most beautiful cities.

  3. Banja Luka - Wikipedia › wiki › Banja_Luka

    Banja Luka ili Banjaluka jest grad u zapadnom dijelu Bosne i Hercegovine, smješten na rijeci Vrbas. Po veličini je drugi grad u Bosni i Hercegovini. Upravno je središte Republike Srpske, te privredni i kulturni centar ovog dijela Bosanske krajine. Prema popisu stanovništva iz 2013 godine na teritoriji grada Banja Luka popisano je 185.042 ...

  4. Banja Luka - Wikipedia › wiki › Banja_Luka

    Banja Luka are un climat subtropical umed moderat, cu ierni blânde, înghețuri dese și veri calde. Cea mai caldă lună a anului este iulie, cu o temperatură medie de 22,8 °C (73,0 °F). Cea mai rece lună a anului este ianuarie, când temperaturile medii sunt în jur de 1,7 °C (35,1 °F).

    • 6 februarie 1494
    • 1.239 km²
    • Stemă
    • 163 m.d.m.
  5. Banja Luka - Wikipedia › wiki › Banja_Luka

    Banja Luka, ili Banjaluka, administrativni je centar Republike Srpske i njen najveći grad, te drugi po veličini grad u Bosni i Hercegovini.Na popisu stanovništva 1991. u naseljenom mjestu Banja Luka je živjelo 143.079 stanovnika a na teritoriji tadašnje opštine Banja Luka 195.692.

  6. Belgrade–Banja Luka - Wikipedia › wiki › Belgrade–Banja_Luka

    Belgrade Banja Luka started for the first time in 2007, and it has been included in the calendar of the World Cycling Union "UCI" the same year. The race attracted a large number of teams from all over the world, and today it’s a universal event and one of the largest sporting events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

    • April
    • Road race
  7. Platon of Banja Luka - Wikipedia › wiki › Platon_of_Banja_Luka
    • Overview
    • Biography
    • Legacy

    Hieromartyr Platon, Bishop of Banja Luka was a Serbian Orthodox cleric who served as the Bishop of Banja Luka between 1940 and 1941. His tenure ended in May 1941, when he was abducted, tortured and killed by followers of the Ustaše movement. Platon attended seminary in his hometown of Belgrade and later graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy. He served as a military chaplain in the Royal Serbian Army during both Balkan Wars of 1912–1913, as well as in the opening months of World...

    Platon was born Milivoje Jovanović in Belgrade, Serbia, on 29 September 1874. His father, Ilija, was a career soldier who had been born in Trebinje and his mother, Jelka, was from Foča. He was baptized at the Church of the Ascension in Belgrade. He completed his primary ...

    Following the outbreak of the Balkan Wars in November 1912, Platon was summoned to serve as a military chaplain in the Morava Brigade of the Royal Serbian Army. Platon also served as a military chaplain in the opening months of World War I. He was relieved of his chaplaincy on 11

    On 4 October 1936, Platon was ordained a bishop in a ceremony presided over by Patriarch Varnava at Sremski Karlovci. During the Concordat Crisis, Platon wrote a pamphlet titled "Remarks and Objections to the Concordat Project", which was published anonymously. It soon emerged th

    Through an intermediary, Mačkić managed to persuade a group of Bosnian Muslim and Croat civilians to bury Platon's body. On 24 May, his body was buried without ceremony at a military cemetery in Banja Luka. The cross placed above his burial plot was left unmarked. Of the ten Serbian Orthodox bishops in the NDH, three were killed, including Platon. The nine Serbian Orthodox dioceses in the NDH were extinguished, and according to Velikonja, the Serbian Orthodox Church "practically ceased to ...

  8. Eparchy of Banja Luka - Wikipedia › wiki › Eparchy_of_Banja_Luka

    The Eparchy of Banja Luka (Serbian: Епархија бањалучка) is an eparchy (diocese) of the Serbian Orthodox Church with its seat in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has jurisdiction over the north-western regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  9. Banja Luka – Wikipedia › wiki › Banja_Luka

    Banja Luka uttal (info) (kyrilliska: Бања Лука) är, efter landets huvudstad Sarajevo, den största staden i Bosnien och Hercegovina. Staden med omgivningar har omkring 250 000 invånare. Floden Vrbas rinner genom Banja Luka och är en av de största floderna i Bosnien och Hercegovina.

    • 227 invånare/km²
    • 1 101 km²
  10. Palace of the Republic, Banja Luka - Wikipedia › wiki › Palace_of_the_Republic

    Palace of the Republic (Serbian: Палата Републике, Palata Republike) is official residence of the President of Republika Srpska.. It is located in Center of Banja Luka alongside the famous "Gospodska" street near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Banski Dvor and City Assembly building.

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