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    A second season of Blue DragonBlue Dragon: Trials of the Seven Shadows (BLUE DRAGON 天界の七竜, Burū Doragon: Tenkai no Shichiryū) —premiered on TV Tokyo on April 5, 2008. On April 16, 2007, Viz Media announced that it had licensed the anime for release in North America and Europe.

    • TV Series

      Blue Dragon (stylized as BLUE DRAGON) is a Japanese anime...

    • Plot

      As Shu's village was being attacked by an unknown enemy, he...

    • Production

      Akira Toriyama, character designer for the Blue Dragon video...

    • Release

      An anime adaptation directed by Yukihiro Matsushita, written...

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  3. List of Blue Dragon episodes - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Blue_Dragon_episodes

    This is a list of episodes for the Studio Pierrot anime series, Blue Dragon, based on the video game of the same name (although it does not follow the video game's plot).. The anime was originally scheduled to run for 51 episodes, but was extended into a second season.

    Original airdate
    English airdate
    "The Shadow Comes Forth" Transcription: " ...
    April 7, 2007 ( 2007-04-07)
    March 28, 2008
    "A Fateful Decision" Transcription: " ...
    April 14, 2007 ( 2007-04-14)
    April 5, 2008
    "Shu and Jiro: Rivals in Training" ...
    April 21, 2007 ( 2007-04-21)
    April 12, 2008
    "A Member of the Devee Tribe" ...
    April 28, 2007 ( 2007-04-28)
    April 19, 2008
  4. Blue Dragon - Wikipedia › wiki › Blue_Dragon

    Blue Dragon, a tavern in Charles Dickens' novel Martin Chuzzlewit; Games. Blue dragon (Dungeons & Dragons), a type of dragon in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game; Blue Dragon, a 2006 video game for the Xbox 360. Television and film. The Blue Dragon, a 1919 German silent film directed by Harry Piel; Blue Dragon, an anime adaptation of the ...

  5. Blue Dragon (anime) | Blue Dragon Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Blue_Dragon_(anime)

    Blue Dragon (ブルードラゴン Buru Doragon) was originally developed by Mistwalker and Artoon but before the game was released a TV anime version was announced to air April 7, 2007 on Japan's TV Tokyo channel. This is mainly about 6 friends and their shadows: Shu, Zola, Kluke, Marumaro, Jiro, and Bouquet. The anime adaptation is directed by Yukihiro Matsushita, animated by Studio Pierrot ...

  6. Blue Dragon (anime) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre › wiki › Blue_Dragon_(anime)

    Em 2008, foi produzida uma segunda série intítulada Blue Dragon: Trials of the Seven Shadows e também possuía 51 episódios. Em 2010 várias empresas divulgaram para o mercado que o anime Blue Dragon seria exibido na SBT a partir de abril de 2010. [1] Em Portugal, foi exibido pelo Panda Biggs/Biggs, juntamente com a segunda série do anime.

    • Yukihiro Matsushita
    • 7 de Abril de 2007 - 29 de Março de 2008
  7. Ral Grad - Wikipedia › wiki › Blue_Dragon_(manga)
    • Overview
    • Story
    • Shadows
    • Publication
    • Reception

    Ral Ω Grad is a Japanese manga series written by Tsuneo Takano and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. It is loosely based on the Blue Dragon video game. The story revolves around the journey of a young man named Ral from the kingdom of Sphaelite. Ral has a symbiotic relationship with Grad, a legendary shadow with the form of a giant blue dragon. The series ran in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from December 2006 to July 2007. The 29 chapters have been collected into four tankōbon volumes, which...

    In a world where demonic creatures named shadows enter our realm through their very namesakes, little is safe. However, when a young boy by the name of Ral becomes friends with the shadow inside him, he may be the last hope in saving the world. Ral lives on the island of Sphaein, in the kingdom of Sphaelite. There he has been enlisted to protect the kingdom from evil shadows that wish to destroy it. With the aid of his shadow, a large blue dragon named Grad, and his teacher, Mio, Ral can take on

    A shadow is a demon like creature born in the world of darkness. They have no dimensions and no form. The Humans believe them to be evil beings God sent away into the darkness. Eventually these shadows came into the human world, the world of light. They enter through the shadows of creatures and take shape. A shadow cannot take a form in complete darkness. They need a light source to cast shadows. They can gain extra abilities by eating other creatures or by first entering the creature's shadow

    Ral Ω Grad is written by Tsuneo Takano and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The series ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from December 4, 2006 to July 9, 2007. Shueisha collected its 29 individual chapters into four tankōbon volumes, released from April 4 to November 2, 2007. Viz Media released an English-language translation in North America under the title Ral Grad. The first volume was published on February 5, 2008 and the last volume on June 2, 2009. In Germany, Tokyopop began ...

    In a review Dominic Nguyen wrote in Newtype USA "What readers will appreciate most about Ral Ω Grad is the supporting cast, which largely consists of attractive young girls."

  8. Blue Dragon (video game) - Wikipedia › wiki › Blue_Dragon_(video_game)
    • Overview
    • Gameplay
    • Story
    • Development

    Blue Dragon is a role-playing video game developed by Mistwalker and Artoon and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. Blue Dragon is based on a design by Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, who also supervised development and wrote the plot. It is both Mistwalker's debut title and the first title to be helmed by Sakaguchi outside of Square Enix. The game was released in Japan in December 2006, where it was sold both as a standalone title and as part of a

    The gameplay of Blue Dragon uses turn-based gameplay elements seen in older Japanese role-playing video games. The game world contains two major types of areas: towns, in which the player can rest and purchase items, and dungeon-like areas, with numerous foes to be defeated.

    Blue Dragon takes place in a fictional open-world environment where every year for the past ten years, purple clouds have mysteriously appeared in the sky, signaling misfortune and disaster for people across the world. For years, a terrifying beast dubbed the "Land Shark", and ot

    On an unnamed world, the legendary purple clouds arrive in Talta Village which is the home of Shu, Kluke, and Jiro. While the other villagers seek shelter, Shu and Jiro slow down the Land Shark. After encountering troubles, Kluke saves them. Together, the three trap the Land Shar

    Blue Dragon was first revealed on February 24, 2005 as one of two unnamed role-playing games in development by Mistwalker Studios for the console which later came to be known as the Xbox 360. In an IGN interview following the unveiling, Peter Moore stressed the importance to Microsoft of having Japanese games available on the system, commenting "... It's a main priority for me in the next 12–18 months to ensure Japanese developers are our partners". Contributors to Blue Dragon include a ...

    • Mistwalker, Artoon
    • JP: December 7, 2006, EU: August 24, 2007, NA: August 28, 2007, AU: August 30, 2007
  9. Bouquet | Blue Dragon Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Bouquet
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    Bouquet is an exclusive character to the anime. In the original version, Bouquet has an overall fan-service appearance, in that her breasts are very large. This is censored in the English Broadcast versions, with smaller breasts, instead of the actual breast size in the original version. Being a member of the Ra Clan, Bouquet has the ability to become invisible, but must strip in order to be completely unseen, which is edited out in the dub where she is depicted as being able to turn invisible whenever she wants. On one occasion, she was somehow detected by Delphinium and later by Investiture beings.

    Bouquet has a round face with a light-tan complexion, small round lavender eyes, mid-back gray/black hair that's pulled up into high pigtails on the sides of her head. She has two long strands of hair that usually fall in front of her eyes. In season 1, she wears a light blue, short dress which is covered up by her white apron; around her neck is a thick blue collar. The dress seems to come as "tight" and makes Bouquet's chest stand out. This also shows she has large breasts (despite her young age). She wears thigh-high skin tight socks and blue flats with a lavender fold. Around her forearms are blue "sweat bands" that start near the elbow and end at the wrist. In season two she wears a pink halter top with an odd three-hexagonal shaped pattern on her chest. She wears a dark pink sash around her waist, a short pink miniskirt, dark pink short shorts underneath, "forearm-warmers" (refer to last sentence in above paragraph), dark pink leg-warmers that stop at the intersection of her t...

    Bouquet has the power to turn herself invisible, but (in the uncut) must strip to become invisible to the naked eye. In the dub, all she does is untie her apron and she disappears with "sparkles" covering her body. She also has the power to summon her Shadow and transform into anything she sees. Later in the series she also gets the power to copy an enemies attack. In Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu, she gains the power to merge with someone else and their Shadow thanks to Noi's power. She transforms into a pink sphere, which needs to be grabbed by the one she's merging with.

    Shu and the others first encountered her in a restaurant as a waitress where she was being harrassed by two customers that Shu and Zolafended off. After losing her job, she follows Shu to Jibral and Gran Kingdom until she later joins their group, quickly developing romantic feelings for Shu. After asking Shu many questions, all to which he replies "yes" with, she asks him to marry her and provides the same answer, not realizing the question until after he says it. She then teases him and Kluke by saying he is her fiancé, which makes Shu and Kluke angry. She is eventually allowed to join the group, though she gets into conflicts with Kluke because they both have feelings for Shu, though Kluke refuses to admit hers (Bouquet is still aware of them regardless). She is hated by Cynthiaafter some of the soldiers in Gran Kingdom's army called Bouquet the prettiest girl in the world when she showed off her looks to them (the plan was something Marumaro came up with to have some fun with an...


    She first met Shu when he saved her from being harassed by two men at the restaurant. When Bouquet saw Shu after this heroic display, it was love at first sight. She asked if she could join their team, but Zola says it's up to Shu. The latter declines at the end and urges Zola to speed up the wagon so they can escape Bouquet. Not willing to give up, Bouquet chases after the group. She returns in episode 9 and starts this habit of pulling Shu into her chest, something that angers Kluke to no e...


    Their relationship isn't close. Kluke stuck up for Bouquet in episode 6 when Marumaro was trying to grope her. However in episode 9, the two sorta clashed over Shu; starting a love triangle. She was very angry when Bouquet was able to get Shu to agree to their marriage. In season 1, the two are seen fighting over Shu and seem to cooperate a bit better after episode 34. In Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu, their relationship isn't as hostile. In fact, Bouquet seems to let go of any jealousy towards Kluke...


    The two don't really interact that much and the only time that they do, is when Jiro's mocking Shu, causing Bouquet to react to his rudeness in Shu's defense. In Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu, not much is known about their relationship.

    "But I know you didn't mean it. Don't be embarrassed, just be honest!" - episode 9 "Buyo! ... Furi! ... BuBu!" - episode 22 "You have no right to speak to me like that, Kluke!" -episode 34 "I will help! I..." - episode 34

    It is possible that Bouquet would have become playable in one of the Blue Dragon games. On the official Blue Dragon site, she's shown wearing a completely different outfit with a different shading...
    She is influenced by Amy Rose. Both are similar in many ways.
    Despite her young age, Bouquet has a very developed breast. This is because the main purpose of Bouquet within the series is to create fanservice scenes.
  10. Shu | Blue Dragon Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Shu
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    In the game, Shu has a round face, a normal complexion, black round eyes and dark-brown long jagged hair. His hair is dressed in a ponytail with a red hair-tie, he wears a black top, a yellow pants a red ribbon around it, blue protective sleeves, blue legwarmers and brown boots. In the anime, Shu has a round face, a bronzy complexion, black round eyes and dark-brown long jagged hair. His hair is dressed in a ponytail with a red hair-tie, he wears a black top, a yellow pants a red ribbon around it, blue protective sleeves, blue legwarmers and brown boots.

    Shu first appears as a brash, stubborn and impetuous character which often gets him into trouble. But his courage, strength and bright determination have saved him from certain death many times. Despite his bad habit, Shu is actually honest, sincere and protective to his friends which he prioritizes first whenever the situation becomes worse. This was shown when he chose to awake an unconscious Jiro and Kluke after the Land Shark escaped their trap and chose to wake them up before opening treasure chests and Nene tried to crush him and his friends with his mech. In Blue Dragon Plus, he warps a trapped Marumaro and Zolato safe location forfeiting any opening to defeat Nene. Regardless of whatever circumstances corners him into, Shu refuses to give in thus extending him of his catchphrase: "I won't give up!". He refuses to retreat unless the situation forces him to prioritize the people he cares about first. Shu is close friends with Jiro and Kluke. While Jiro is his complete opposite...


    In the first game, Shu and Jiro are best friends; it even mentions in the Blue Dragon handbook that they were classmates, however, this is not shown in the game. Their friendship is expressed at multiple times in the game: the two built a trap for the Land Shark together - Kluke was not involved and they are seen giving each other a high five after defeating the Steel-Eating Tigers attacking the villagers. However, when Kluke was taken away by the Jumbo Mecha Robo, the two were soon engaged i...


    In the game, he, Kluke, and Jiro are close friends. Later on the game, he realizes his feelings for Kluke and often competes with Jiro over her feelings, like in "Jiro in love" where he challenges Jiro on gathering the most herbs for Kluke and the winner gets a date with her. In the anime, he and Kluke always argue with one another; but whenever Kluke is in trouble he always comes to save her, no matter what. As in the game, he harbors romantic feelings for her. In Trials of the Seven Shadows...


    In the game, they are brotherly like. This is mostly expressed when King Jibral says, "You two sound just like brothers." In the anime, not much is known about their relationship. In Trials of the Seven Shadows, Marumaro ends up traveling with Shu.

    In the game, Shu's background remains unknown except being born in Talta Village and his parents killed in an epidemic when he was young. Afterwards, Shu was raised by his Grandfather Fushirawhile being friends with Jiro and Kluke for a long time.

    As a Shadow Wielder, Shu's shadow is the Blue Dragon after swallowing a Light Sphere which is actually a fragment of Nene's soul. In the game, Blue Dragon initially uses Magic Sword attacks but later gains other abilities such as White Magic to heal party members. When Nene takes back his soul from the group (except Zola), Shu temporarily loses Blue Dragon but later regains due to his obstinate spirit. After a fight and what remaining power Nene has, Blue Dragon gains the Corporeal attack to give it an actual body and temporarily changing the environment into a volcanic region. After Shu jumps on Blue Dragon, going up into the sky, and doing three strikes, Blue Dragon imitates by performing two fire infused slashes to the enemy that creates trenches and fires a fireball to create a great explosion. In Blue Dragon Plus and Awakened Shadow, Shu and his friends makes use of other Shadows sealed within prisms for different attacks rather than having their shadow have another class assig...

    Blue Dragon

    In the game, the player first sees Shu relaxing near Talta Village's windmill. Before the player officially starts the game he/she can have Shu move around to find a little Gold then go down the path with the game beginning. He along with Jiro and Kluke are the only ones in the village that don't run away from the Land Shark. Shu fights the Land Shark but to little effect even with help from Jiro finding the weak spot and his weapon broken. He later tries to fight using only a pocket knife an...

    Blue Dragon anime

    At the start of the series, Shu is seen with his friends wandering around town with random people to see where the Knight Master is. His best friend Kluke always tells him that his plans are a waste of time. Shu then runs into Jiro, a kid who has the power of a shadow. Before Jiro has the chance to release it, Zolathen appears to stop him from doing anything rational. At that point, Shu thought that Zola was a Knight Master, but reveals to Shu that she isn't one. Later, Nene's forces strike T...

    Blue Dragon Trials of the Seven Shadows

    2 years later after the end of the first season, Shu and Bouquet have joined the resistance against General Logi. They then find a boy named Noiand the Red Dragon. With Noi's help, he reawakens Shu's Blue Dragon shadow. In this season is shown to have a crush on Bouquet. But episode 30 and 35, it becomes clear that he loves Kluke very much.

    His game character design was done by Akira Toriyama and animated by Hironobu Sakaguchi.
    He and Zola are also the only characters in the original game that use weapons other than shadows. Shu uses a sword and a dagger, while Zola uses a more refined sword.
    There is much contradictory in Shu's background, age, and personality from sources.
    All sources say that Shu lost his parents years ago, one saying that he lost them due to an epidemic, another saying he lost them as a baby from the Land Shark attack(which contradicts the source t...
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