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  1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Highway 91 is an alternative freeway route to Highway 99 through Delta, New Westminster and Richmond, British Columbia. The highway was built in two sections, the first section from Delta to East Richmond in 1986, and the second section across Richmond in 1989.

    British Columbia Highway 91 - Wikipedia
  2. British Columbia Highway 99 - Wikipedia › wiki › British_Columbia_Highway_99

    Highway 99, also known as the Fraser Delta Thruway south of Vancouver, and the Sea to Sky Highway, the Squamish Highway, or Whistler Highway north of Vancouver, is the major north–south artery running through the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia from the U.S. border, up Howe Sound through the Sea to Sky Country to Lillooet, and connecting to Highway 97 just north of Cache Creek. The highway's number was derived from the former U.S. Route 99, with which the highway originally ...

    • Highway 97

      Highway 97 is the longest continuously numbered route in the...

    • Route description

      In the south, Highway 99 begins at the British Columbia –...

    • History

      This highway received the "99" designation, matching U.S....

  3. 400-series highways (British Columbia) - Wikipedia › wiki › British_Columbia_Highway_99B

    In 1964, Highway 99 was moved back to its former alignment and the freeway was designated as Highway 499, which also followed Oak Street and Granville Street into downtown Vancouver where it linked with Highway 1 and Highway 99. Highway 499 was renumbered to Highway 99 in 1973, with former sections of Highway 99 becoming Highway 99A.

    • 1964
    • Decommissioned in 1973.
    • 517 km (321 mi)
    • British Columbia Highway 4XX
  4. British Columbia Highway 99A - Wikipedia › wiki › British_Columbia_Highway_99A

    Highway 99A is a series of former highways in the southwestern part of British Columbia. It was the designation of the former 1942 alignment of Highway 99 as well a various alternate routes which existed in the 1950s and 1960s. The last official use of '99A' was decommissioned in 2006, although some present-day, commercially published road maps still show it and some remnant signage still remains.

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  6. Talk:British Columbia Highway 99 - Wikipedia › wiki › Talk:British_Columbia

    The term refer to all the washouts of Oct 28, 1981, which led to the major reconstruction projects of the 1980s, and the opening of Highway 99 through Lillooet to Highway 97 at Lower Hat Creek/Carquile. Not enough cites out there online to do a proper section for this article but overtime they may turn up.

  7. British Columbia Highway 99 - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi › wiki › British_Columbia_Highway_99

    British Columbia Highway 99 Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi British Columbia Highway 99, også kendt som Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish Highway, Route 99 og Whistler Highway, er en større nord-sydgående hovedfærdselsåre i British Columbia, Canada.

    • British Columbia
    • 409 km
  8. British Columbia Highway 91 - Wikipedia › wiki › British_Columbia_Highway_91
    • Overview
    • Route description
    • History

    It was the highest numbered highway in British Columbia that is not derived from a continuation of a US highway, until the designation of Highway 118 in 2003.

    The total distance covered by Highway 91 is 22 km. Starting at its junction with Highway 99 in East Delta, the route travels north for 2 km to a junction with Highway 10, then north for 10 km through three interchanges, over the Alex Fraser Bridge onto Annacis Island, and through another interchange. Highway 91 then crosses the Annacis Channel bridge, ever so briefly passing through the very corner of New Westminster, and then enters Richmond, at which point it veers west. At the southern entran

    $10 million had been allocated to convert the existing seagull intersection at 72nd Avenue to an interchange; this junction was in 2009 the only at-grade intersection on Highway 91. Upgrading this interchange would earn Highway 91 the status of a full freeway, but it was reported

  9. Golden, British Columbia - Wikipedia › wiki › Golden,_British_Columbia

    Golden is located on Highway 1 (the Trans-Canada Highway) and it is the northern terminus of Highway 95, connecting it to the United States via the rest of the East Kootenay region and the city of Cranbrook, British Columbia (B.C. Highway 95 is a continuation of U.S. Route 95, which runs north-to-south through the U.S. and into Mexico).

  10. British Columbia Highway 5 - Wikipedia › wiki › British_Columbia_Highway_5

    Highway 5 was the only highway in British Columbia to have tolls; a typical passenger vehicle toll was C$10. Now free to drive, at the Coquihalla Lakes junction, the highway crosses from the Fraser Valley Regional District into the Thompson-Nicola Regional District . 61 km (38 mi) and five interchanges north of the former toll plaza.

    Regional District
    • 543.3 km (337.6 mi)Coquihalla Highway: 185.6 km (115.3 mi)
    • Hwy 1 (TCH) near Hope
  11. British Columbia Highway 1 - Wikipedia › wiki › British_Columbia_Highway_1

    East of the Highway 9 interchange, Highway 1 hugs the south bank of the Fraser River for 35 km (22 mi), passing through seven interchanges until reaching the interchange with Highway 3 at Hope, British Columbia. Highway 1 takes the exit off the freeway at this point.

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