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    Chennai (/ ˈ tʃ ɛ n aɪ / (), Tamil: [ˈt͡ɕenːaɪ̯]; also known as Madras, the official name until 1996) is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, it is one of the largest cultural, economic and educational centres of south India.

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    Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and is India's fifth largest city. It is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal . With an estimated population of 8.9 million (2014), the 400-year-old city is the 31st largest metropolitan area in the world.

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    Chennai (formerly known as Madras) is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has a population of about 7 million people. Almost 10% of all of the people in the state live in Chennai. The city is the fourth largest city of India. It was founded in 1661 by the British East India Company.

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    Chennai is located at on the southeast coast of India and in the northeast corner of TamilIt is located on a flat coastal plain known as the Eastern Coastal Plains.The city has an average elevation of 6 metres (20 ft), its highest point being 60 m (200 ft).

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    • Overview
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    Chennai district, formerly known as Madras district, is one of the 38 districts in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is the smallest and most densely populated of all the districts in the state. The district is coterminous with the Greater Chennai City. As of 2011, the district had a population of 7,100,000 with a sex-ratio of 989 females for every 1,000 males. Chennai is a megacity and local government district that contains the historic centre and the Central business district of Chennai me

    The name Chennai was derived from Damarla Chennappa Nayakudu, the father of a general of the Vijayanagar Empire.

    According to 2011 census, Chennai district had a population of 7,100,000 with a sex-ratio of 989 females for every 1,000 males, much above the national average of 929. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes accounted for 16.78% and 0.22% of the population respectively. The average literacy of the district was 81.27%, compared to the national average of 72.99%. The district had a total of 154,982 households. There were a total of 1,817,297 workers, comprising 10,210 cultivators, 10,251 main agricu

    In 2013, five taluks on the district were split to create five new ones: Velachery, Purasawalkam, Ayanavaram, Aminjikarai and Guindy. In January 2018, the state government announced that the district will be expanded to match the boundaries of the Greater Chennai Corporation. This will integrate six additional taluks from Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts into the Chennai district. The new divisions and taluks of the district will be: The estimated population of the district is around 7.1 mil

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    Chennai (ெசன்னை in Tamil), kent as Madras an aw, is the caipital o the state o Tamil Nadu an is Indie's fowert lairgest city. It is locatit on the Coromandel Coast o the Bay o Bengal . Wi a nae-pruived 7.45 million indwallers ( 2005 ), the 367-year city is the 41st lairgest metropolitan aurie in the warld.

    • Madras
    • Indie
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    King Chennai de gagawan ing metung a ocasiun a pangcultura, ing Madras Music Season, a mararapat banua-banua. Lalage la keti deng pilan-dalang artista. Lalage la keti deng pilan-dalang artista. Masikan ing teatru keting lakanbalen, a metung muring maulagang sentru ning Bharatanatyam , metung a pang-clasicung uri ning terak.

    • 181.06 km² (70 sq mi), • 1,180 km² (456 sq mi), • 6 m (20 ft)
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    Chennai International Airport (IATA: MAA, ICAO: VOMM) is an international airport serving the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and its metropolitan area. It is located in Tirusulam, 21 km (13 mi) from the city centre. Chennai International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in India behind New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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    Chennai ko Madras birni ne, da ke a jihar Tamil Nadu, a ƙasar Indiya. Shi ne babban birnin jihar Tamil Nadu. Shi ne babban birnin jihar Tamil Nadu. Bisa ga ƙidayar jama'a a shekarar 2011, akwai jimilar mutane 8,917,749 (miliyan takwas da dubu dari tara da sha bakwai da dari bakwai da arba'in da tara).

    • 24,049.39 mazaunan/km²
    • Indiya
    • 10,265,000 (2016)
    • Tamil Nadu
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