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  1. The Chicano Movement, also referred to as El Movimiento, was a social and political movement in the United States inspired by prior acts of resistance among people of Mexican descent, especially of Pachucos in the 1940s and 1950s, and the Black Power movement, that worked to embrace a Chicano/a identity and worldview that combated structural racism, encouraged cultural revitalization, and ...

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    Aztlán became a symbol for activists who believe they have a legal and primordial right to the land. In order to exercise this right, some members of the Chicano movement propose that a new nation be created, a República del Norte. Aztlán is also the name of the Chicano studies journal published out of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

  3. At its advent, the journey from the Philippines to Spain was further reduced to one month. This allowed a much faster spread of European ideology and an increase of Filipino presence in Europe itself. The Propaganda Movement would later benefit from the Suez Canal for the shorter route it provided. Second Propaganda Movement (1872–1892)

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    Chicano ist eine Bezeichnung für in den Vereinigten Staaten lebende Mexikaner und ihre Nachfahren (mexikanische Amerikaner). Sie gehören damit zur Gruppe der Hispanics bzw. der Latinos . Die Bezeichnung Chicano , ursprünglich diskriminierend verwendet, ist verhältnismäßig neu und wird mittlerweile von mexikanischen Immigranten zur ...

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