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  1. Jun 21, 2019 · Directed by Baran bo Odar. With Louis Hofmann, Sebastian Rudolph, Maja Schöne, Lisa Vicari. Armed with a plan to prevent the apocalypse, Jonas travels to 2019.

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    Armed with a plan to prevent the apocalypse, Jonas travels to 2019. During the Nielsen's anniversary party, Ulrich sneaks off with Hannah.

    The episode begins with a montage- where the key events are rewound, ending with Michael hanging himself, while Adam asks "'where did it all begin- is there a beginning and end or one endless loop?" Jonas awakes in his bedroom—calmly and with no neck scar. He hurries downstairs to get breakfast, and his father (still alive) joins him. Michaelbecomes unsettled by the mention of that evening's anniversary party for Ulrich and Katharina and then at the sight of Jonas' yellow raincoat (which he takes as a storm is predicted)- experiencing déjà vu- causing him to drop a large container of coffee. Jonas leaves hurriedly, heading to the lake with his friends. Hannah turns her attention to Michael and encourages him to get out and come to the party but this appears to upset him. It is the day before he commits suicide, 20 June 2019 (the date Jonas asked to return to in the preceding episode- when his world fell apart). Meanwhile, over at the Nielsen house, Ulrich tries to pressure Katharina...


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    Louis Hofmann as Jonas Kahnwald
    Sebastian Rudolph as Michael Kahnwald
    Maja Schöne as Hannah Kahnwald
    Lisa Vicari as Martha Nielsen
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    Dark: Season 1 (Recap) Episodes ... An Endless Cycle 55m. Armed with a plan to prevent the apocalypse, Jonas travels to 2019. During the Nielsens' anniversary party ...

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    • December 1, 2017
  4. 'Dark' on Netflix Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: "An Endless Cycle"

    Jun 27, 2019 · One of the series’ best episodes to date, “An Endless Cycle” takes us further back into Dark‘s history than we’ve ever been before. Not further back in the dramatic retrograde leaps ...

  5. Dark Season 2 Episode 6: An Endless Cycle Recap – Metawitches

    Jul 29, 2019 · Episode 6 of Dark, season 2, An Endless Cycle, answers questions which have lingered since the beginning of the series. The episode follows Young Jonas back to June 20, 2019, the day before Michael Kahnwald hung himself, and gives us a baseline for normal Winden life in 2019.

  6. This episode really showed that everything is an endless cycle, if the cycle gets destroyed it remains to be seen. For now, this is Dark's greatest episode ever unless this season has another one in store which I doubt will happen. This episode has some of the most memorable lines in the entire show.

  7. Dark - S2E6 "An Endless Cycle" - Music and List of Songs

    Jun 20, 2019 · List of songs from Dark - S2E6 "An Endless Cycle", w/ scene descriptions. Download & listen to the ost soundtrack, list of songs & score music.

  8. Infinite Cycle - StarCraft and StarCraft II Wiki
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    The xel'naga arose within the Void. While incredibly long lived by even protoss standards, the xel'naga were not immortal. Eventually, their species would come to an end. In the interest of survival they planned to create new xel'naga by uplifting two species. A pair of qualities was required and these were defined by the xel'naga as purity of essence and purity of form, and each uplifted species would be targeted for one of them. Over an extraordinarily long period of time, the two species were believed to naturally come together, forming the next generation of xel'naga and beginning the cycle anew. Pure of essence and pure of form would appear together before the xel'naga at Ulnar, and use the Keystoneto awaken the xel'naga who would then give their essence to create the new generation of xel'naga. The cycle was repeated in numerous universes: at the start of a universe's creation, the xel'naga would take on physical form and enter the universe, seeding it with life. The cycle rep...

    In what would be the last universe to bear witness to the cycle, the xel'naga seeded the universe with life through Ulnar. They entered slumber, waiting for the two destined races to find and assemble the Keystone, which would lead them to Ulnar, beginning the cycle anew. Unfortunately, one of their brethren, Amon, sought to break the cycle as he saw it as corrupt and desired to remake the universe in his image. Gathering like-minded followers, he departed into the universe and, breaking his kind's laws, directly interfered with the evolution two races, the protoss and zerg, and instilled into them purity of form and purity of essence respectively. He intended to forcibly merge the two species and create the hybrid. His brethren eventually discovered his plans and waged war against him. In the ensuing War Among the Gods, Amon unleashed the zerg upon the xel'naga, killing most of them, but Amon himself was defeated and banished back into the Void. The surviving xel'naga returned to U...

    As thousands of years passed, some protoss preservers would become aware of the knowledge of the xel'naga's Infinite Cycle, but kept it as hidden knowledge. As events unraveled between the protoss and the zerg and the role of the xel'naga became more apparent in their conflict, the dark archon Ulrezaj sent assassins to kill off the preservers to destroy their knowledge of the Infinite Cycle for some unknown end. While most were slain, one named Zamara managed to survive long enough to give this knowledge to the protoss and some terrans. This knowledge became invaluable to Dark Prelate Zeratul, who continued to investigate the schemes of Samir Duran.

    Duran ensured the zerg and protoss would come into conflict, allowing him to start creation of a false xel'naga army for his master known as the hybrid. Duran also implanted himself in the Moebius Foundation, manipulating events so he could use the xel'naga Keystone to absorb enough energy from the Queen of Blades to pull Amon from the Void. Duran's plan was successful, and Amon returned. He moved on Ulnar and slew the slumbering xel'naga within. However, Dark Prelate Zeratul was forewarned by the Ouros, a surviving xel'naga trapped in the Void, and ensured Kerrigan survived and was cleansed of the corruption Amon imparted in the Zerg Swarm early in their uplifting. Kerrigan banished Duran back into the Void and disrupted his hybrid birthing operation, but Amon rose again and inhabited the protoss Khala. Using his hybrids, terrans of Moebius Corps subjugated to be his thralls, feral zerg of the Amon Brood brought under his control, the Tal'darim, and the corrupted Khalai protoss, Am...

  9. 'Dark' on Netflix: That Insane Season 3 Ending Explained

    Nov 11, 2020 · Claudia would refer to this cycle, which we have watched play out of the three seasons of “Dark,” as an “infinite chain of cause and effect.” And here’s the big part: “Time.

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