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      • In law and government, de facto (/ deɪ ˈfæktoʊ, di -/ day FAK-toh, dee -⁠; Latin: de facto [deː ˈfaktoː], "in fact") describes practices that exist in reality, even though they are not officially recognized by laws.
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  2. De facto - Wikipedia

    A de facto standard is a standard (formal or informal) that has achieved a dominant position by tradition, enforcement, or market dominance. It has not necessarily received formal approval by way of a standardisation process, and may not have an official standards document.

  3. De facto is a phrase from the Latin language that means "in fact" or "in practice". It is often used in contrast to de jure (which means "by law") when talking about law, governance, or technique. When talking about law, "de jure" is used to describe what the law says, and "de facto" is used to describe what actually happens.

  4. De facto standard - Wikipedia

    A de facto standard is a custom or convention that has achieved a dominant position by public acceptance or market forces. De facto is a Latin phrase that means in fact in the sense of "in practice but not necessarily ordained by law" or "in practice or actuality, but not officially established", as opposed to de jure. The term de facto standard is used in contrast with obligatory standards; or to express the dominant voluntary standard, when there is more than one standard available for the sam

  5. De Facto (band) - Wikipedia
    • Overview
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    • Break-up and possible rebirth
    • Influences and genres

    De Facto was a dub reggae band which included Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Omar Rodríguez-López, Isaiah "Ikey" Owens and Jeremy Michael Ward.

    The band began as small jam sessions after At the Drive-In shows. The original band consisted of Omar, Cedric, and Jeremy playing local shows around their home town, El Paso, Texas. Cedric said, "Yeah actually we used to be called the Sphinktators, that was early De Facto, just more rock." Omar was actually the singer of the Sphinktators and remembers, "We used psychedelic sounds, Cedric played the bass, Jeremy played guitar, and Ralph Jasso played drums." For their first recording they brainsto

    In 2001, the members of the band teamed up with bassist Eva Gardner and drummer Blake Fleming to form The Mars Volta. Despite this, De Facto continued to play numerous live shows in the following years. During that time, Omar met John Frusciante at one of the shows and the two became friends; Frusciante once joined De Facto on stage as a guest guitarist. The band however did not put out any new material, and following death of Jeremy Ward in May 2003 due to drug overdose, any future re-groupings

    De Facto's general style was instrumental dub, influenced by the heady sounds of the likes of King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry. However they also dabbled in electronica, Latin and salsa music, and jazz fusion. The band's writing process was largely improvisational, based on an exchange of ideas using drum and bass rhythms as the songs' spines. A lot of those ideas led to what would become the members' next band, The Mars Volta.

  6. De facto - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    De facto. [. 1. ] es una locución latina que significa literalmente «de hecho», esto es, por la fuerza de los hechos, aunque carezca de reconocimiento jurídico. Se opone a de iure, que significa «de derecho».

  7. De facto - Wikipedia

    De facto ("di fatto", "in realtà") è una locuzione latina utilizzata nel linguaggio giuridico e in quello comune per indicare un elemento che è nella pratica in vigore (o in essere), pur non avendo un riconoscimento ufficiale.

  8. De facto embassy - Wikipedia

    A de facto embassy is an office or organisation that serves de facto as an embassy in the absence of normal or official diplomatic relations among countries, usually to represent nations which lack full diplomatic recognition, regions or dependencies of countries, or territories over which sovereignty is disputed.

  9. De facto – Wikipédia

    De facto je latinský výraz znamenajúci „v skutočnosti“ alebo „prakticky“. Jeho opakom je výraz de iure (podľa práva).. Príklady. Výraz „firma de iure existuje, ale de facto neexistuje“ znamená, že firma existuje iba formálne, bez sídla, budovy a pod.

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