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      • Sometimes, historical fiction can be for the most part true, but the names of people and places have been in some way altered. As this is fiction, artistic license is permitted in regard to presentation and subject matter, so long as it does not deviate in significant ways from established history.
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  2. Does Historical Fiction Have to Be Accurate and True ... › whats-new › stretching-the

    Feb 19, 2014 · Many stress the importance of accuracy in historical fiction. Others think too many historical details sink the story. Still more believe it isn’t possible to achieve total historical accuracy in storytelling.

  3. Does historical fiction have to be true? Why? - Quora › Does-historical-fiction-have-to-be

    A fiction based on real life can be 'based' in any era and include historical events and not be considered historical fiction. It's the historical theme that determines if it's historical fiction. A romance during the wild west years is not necessarily historical fiction, especially if it's primarily about a young cowhand and the boss's daughter, but it could be considered real life fiction.

  4. How true should historical fiction be? | Fiction | The Guardian › books › booksblog

    Mar 19, 2014 · It's certainly true that historical fiction is enjoying a boom at the moment, from heavyweight prizewinners such as Hilary Mantel and Andrew Miller to more populist series from authors including...

    • Stephanie Merritt
  5. The Truth is Better than Fiction: Accuracy in Historical Fiction › accuracy-in-historical-fiction

    Mar 19, 2018 · I DO think that authors of historical fiction have an obligation to be accurate in their writing. Naturally, historical fiction is different from history books and I think only the very worst pedants would expect utter slavish adherence to historical facts in a work of fiction.

    • Kristen Mcquinn
  6. Also, remember that historical fiction doesn’t always involve a real person. You can create characters that are period appropriate and also fabricated from your imagination. More important than being true to a factual historical figure is being true to the time and place.

  7. Seven Rules for Writing Historical Fiction, article by ... › articles › historical_fiction
    • Sweat the Small Stuff. The authenticity of historical fiction depends on your knowledge and use of historical detail. It is not enough to say a character walked down the street.
    • Dump the Ballast. In order to write authentic historical fiction you must know a period of time well enough to disappear daily through a wormhole to the past and arrive at the location of your story.
    • Keep Your Conscience Clean. If your characters are based on real people and you are using the names, be reasonably responsible to the originals.
    • Resist Judging Your Characters. We live in the 21st century with certain shared values: our society disapproves of prejudice and chauvinism and provincialism.
  8. 9 Things All Historical Fiction Fans Know To Be True, Like ... › articles › 79523-9-things-all
    • Sadie Trombetta
    • It's About the Journey, Not the Destination. The beautiful thing about a lot of historical fiction is that you go into it already knowing something about the ending, whether it's the outcome of the onset war, or the fate of a particular historical figure.
    • Suspense and Mystery Still Exist, Even If You Know How the Story Ends. Historical fiction-haters will try and tell you it's boring to know how a story ends, but we fanatics know that couldn't be further from the truth.
    • Love Is Timeless. Some people are turned off from historical fiction because the setting is something very unlike the setting in which we currently live, but the truth is some there are some basic human conflicts that ring true no matter what time or place they are set in.
    • Life Was So Much More Dramatic Before Cell Phones. Celebrity Twitter feuds aside, life was a lot more dramatic before a simple phone call could resolve an issue.
  9. How Factual Should Historical Fiction Be? - KC Beth Books › factual-historical-fiction

    Mar 24, 2018 · Much as some people might hate it, there always will be an element of uncertainty in books, and this is especially true in the realm of historical fiction. This really shouldn’t surprise us. After all, life is never completely sure in any way. Except, as the cliche reminds us, when it comes to death and taxes.

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