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    Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American speculative fiction writer, best known for his prolific output in the adventure, science fiction and fantasy genres. His most well-known creations include Tarzan of the Apes, John Carter of Mars and Carson Napier of Venus. He is also known for the hollow Earth–themed Pellucidar series, beginning with At the Earth's Core; and the lost world–themed Caspak trilogy, beginning with The Land that Time Forgot. Burroughs' California ranch is now the center of ...

    • Biography

      Burroughs was born on September 1, 1875, in Chicago, the...

    • Literary career

      Aiming his work at the pulps—under the name "Norman Bean" to...

    • Reception and criticism

      Because of the part Burroughs's science fiction played in...

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    Edgar Rice Burroughs bibliography From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The following is the complete bibliography of Edgar Rice Burroughs. The titles are listed chronologically as written.

  3. Edgar Rice Burroughs - Wikipedia › wiki › Edgar_Rice_Burroughs

    De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liberă Edgar Rice Burroughs (n. 1 septembrie 1875; d. 19 martie 1950) a fost un scriitor american, cunoscut pentru crearea eroului junglei Tarzan, dar și pentru crearea aventurierul eroic de pe Marte John Carter, deși el a scris lucrări în mai multe genuri.

    • American
    • 19 martie 1950 (74 de ani), Encino, California, Statele Unite
  4. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. - Wikipedia › wiki › Edgar_Rice_Burroughs,_Inc
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    Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. is an American company founded in 1923 by author Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is based in Tarzana, California. The company holds the rights to the literary works of Burroughs that are still protected by copyright. Burroughs was one of the first artists to incorporate, which he did for tax reasons and for more control over his works. Burroughs' books were published through the company from 1931 through 1948, with one additional title appearing in 1967. The company remains i

    Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. has been involved in numerous legal actions over the years, even in cases where copyright on Burroughs' original work had expired. The company successfully sued Gold Star Books in 1966 and forced the Tarzan series of books by Barton Werper to be taken off the market. In 2004, the company threatened Victoria University Press with a lawsuit over author Nigel Cox's book Tarzan Presley, which blended the Tarzan mythos with the life of Elvis Presley. The book has not been r

    Starting in 2020, ERB, Inc. will be re-printing the complete literary works of Burroughs, accompanied by new artwork created by Joe Jusko, in hardcover format.

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    Edgar Rice Burroughs Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Edgar Rice Burroughs (Chicago, 1 de setembro de 1875 — Encino, 19 de março de 1950) foi um escritor norte-americano, conhecido pela criação dos personagem Tarzan e John Carter.

  6. Edgar Rice Burroughs – Wikipedia › wiki › Edgar_Rice_Burroughs

    Edgar Rice Burroughs, född 1 september 1875 i Chicago, Illinois, död 19 mars 1950 i Encino, Kalifornien, var en amerikansk författare. Edgar Rice Burroughs genomgick militärhögskola och var en tid militär vid ett kavalleriregemente, men arbetade därefter i olika yrken och var cowboy, guldgrävare, polis och kontorsanställd. Sitt genombrott fick han med debutromanen Tarzan of the Apes, med tydliga influenser från Rudyard Kipling, vilken följdes av ett flertal Tarzanromaner ...

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    Edgar Rice Burroughs A Wikipédiából, a szabad enciklopédiából Edgar Rice Burroughs 1920-ban Edgar Rice Burroughs (Chicago, Illinois, 1875. szeptember 1.

  8. Tarzan and the Golden Lion - Wikipedia › wiki › Tarzan_and_the_Golden_Lion

    Tarzan and the Golden Lion is an adventure novel by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, the ninth in his series of twenty-four books about the title character Tarzan. It was first published as a seven part serial in Argosy All-Story Weekly beginning in December 1922; and then as a complete novel by A.C. McClurg & Co. on March 24, 1923 .

    • Edgar Rice Burroughs
    • 333
    • 1922
    • 1922-1923
  9. Pellucidar - Wikipedia › wiki › Pellucidar
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    Pellucidar is a fictional Hollow Earth invented by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs for a series of action adventure stories. In a crossover event between Burroughs's series, there is a Tarzan story in which he travels into Pellucidar. The stories initially involve the adventures of mining heir David Innes and his inventor friend Abner Perry after they use an "iron mole" to burrow 500 miles into the Earth's crust. Later protagonists include indigenous caveman Tanar and additional visitors fr

    In Burroughs' concept, the Earth is a hollow shell with Pellucidar as the internal surface of its shell. Pellucidar is accessible to the surface world via a polar tunnel, allowing passage between both the inner and outer worlds through which a rigid airship visits in the fourth book of the series. Although the inner surface of the Earth has a smaller total area than the outer, Pellucidar actually has a greater land area, as its continents mirror the surface world's oceans and its oceans mirror t

    Pellucidar is populated by primitive civilizations and prehistoric creatures, including dinosaurs. The region in which Innes and Perry initially find themselves is ruled by the Mahars, a species of intelligent flying reptiles resembling Rhamphorhynchus with vast psychic powers. The Mahars use telekinesis on the neighboring tribes of Stone Age humans as a way of securing their territory. Eventually, two explorers united the tribes in overthrowing the Mahars' reign and establish a human "Empire of

    Various animals reside in Pellucidar. Many of Pellucidar's fauna consist of prehistoric creatures, which are extinct on the surface world. However, some animals are creations of Edgar Rice Burroughs himself. They are listed below by outer world name, Pellucidarian name, and the novel in which they first appear, along with any relevant comments. 1. Ant Bear: An elephant-sized edentate mammal which preys on the Giant Ants. It has no outer world equivalent and its Pellucidarian name is unknown. 2.

    Pellucidar is also inhabited by enclaves of various non-human or semi-human races. Among the known races and tribes in Pellucidar are: 1. Ape-Men: A race of black-skinned creatures with prehensile tails, receding foreheads, long arms, and short legs who are arboreal in nature. They are known for domesticating goats and Hyaenodons. 2. Azarians: A race of 7 ft. primitive man-eating giants with ugly faces and yellow tusk-like teeth. 3. Brute-Men: The Brute-Men are peaceful 7 ft. race of ape-like fa

  10. John Carter of Mars - Wikipedia › wiki › John_Carter_of_Mars

    John Carter was the lead character in the first novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, set on a fictionalized version of Mars known as Barsoom. Written between July and September 28, 1911, the novel was serialized as Under the Moons of Mars in the pulp magazine The All-Story from February to July 1912.

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