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    English is the primary natively spoken language in several countries and territories. Five of the largest of these are sometimes described as the "core Anglosphere"; they are the United States of America (with at least 231 million native English speakers), the United Kingdom (60 million), Canada (19 million), Australia (at least 17 million), and New Zealand (4.8 million).

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    The United States of America is the largest English-speaking country, with 300 million native speakers. There are 60 million native speakers in the United Kingdom , 29 million in Canada , 25.1 million in Australia , 4.7 million in the Republic of Ireland , and 4.9 million in New Zealand .

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    The term Anglosphere was first coined, but not explicitly defined, by the science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his book The Diamond Age, published in 1995. John Lloyd adopted the term in 2000 and defined it as including English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and the British West Indies.

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    The European Union is a supranational union composed of 28 member states. The combined total English-speaking population (2012) is 256,876,220 (out of a total population of 500,000,000, i.e. 51%) including 65,478,252 native speakers and 191,397,968 non-native speakers, and would be ranked 2nd if it were included.

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    • Majority English-Speaking Countries
    • Countries Where English Is An Official Language
    • English as A Global Language

    There are six large coun­tries with a ma­jor­ity of na­tive Eng­lish speak­ers that are some­times grouped under the term An­glos­phere. They are, in de­scend­ing order of Eng­lish speak­ers, the United States (at least 231 million), the United King­dom (60 million), Canada (at least 20 million), Aus­tralia (at least 17 million), Ire­land (4.2 mil­lion), and New Zealand (3.7 million).Eng­lish is also the pri­mary na­tively spo­ken lan­guage in the coun­tries and ter­ri­to­ries of An­guilla, A...

    In some coun­tries where Eng­lish is not the most spo­ken lan­guage, it is an of­fi­cial lan­guage; these coun­tries in­clude Botswana, Cameroon (co-of­fi­cial with French), the Fed­er­ated States of Mi­crone­sia, Fiji, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Kiri­bati, Lesotho, Liberia, Malta, the Mar­shall Is­lands, Mau­ri­tius, Namibia, Nige­ria, Pak­istan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Philip­pines, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Sey­chelles, Sierra Leone, Sin­ga­pore, the Solomon Is­lands, Sri Lanka...

    Be­cause Eng­lish is so widely spo­ken, it has often been re­ferred to as a \\"world lan­guage\\", the lin­gua franca of the mod­ern era, and while it is not an of­fi­cial lan­guage in most coun­tries, it is cur­rently the lan­guage most often taught as a for­eign lan­guage. It is, by in­ter­na­tional treaty, the of­fi­cial lan­guage for aeronautical and maritime com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Eng­lish is one of the of­fi­cial lan­guages of the United Na­tions and many other in­ter­na­tional or­ga­ni­za­tio...

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    Anglosphere should not be used as a synonym for English-speaking world. Anglosphere is not a common term and Wikipedia policy is to use common terms.--Doug Weller 08:35, 12 May 2008 (UTC) 2,000,000 native English-speaking Singaporeans? Is the figure for Singapore English-speaking people correct? I doubt it.

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    As of 2012, India claims to have the world's second-largest English-speaking population. The most reliable estimate is around 10% of its population (125 million people), second only to the US, and is expected to quadruple in the following decade.

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    A History of the English-Speaking Peoples is a four-volume history of Britain and its former colonies and possessions throughout the world, written by Winston Churchill, covering the period from Caesar's invasions of Britain (55 BC) to the end of the Second Boer War (1902).

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