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      • A movie director is a person who leads the making of a movie (or film ). They take care of the artistic things in the movie. They give instructions to the actors and direct the people that work on the movie. Directors give many of their responsibilities to other members of their movie-making team (called a movie crew ).
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  2. A new Hollywood director typically gets paid around $400,000 for directing their first studio film. The average annual salary in Canada is $62,408, and in Western Australia it can range from $75,230 to $97,119. In France, the average salary is €4000 per month, paid per project.

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  4. Highest-grossing film 1 Steven Spielberg: £425,100,000 Jurassic Park (£48 million) 2 Peter Jackson: £358,200,000

    Total Worldwide Box Office
  5. Robert Abbott (director) Ramzi Abed Marc Abraham Derwin Abrahams Tom Abrams Armondo Linus Acosta Brian Adamkiewicz Daniel Adams (director) Victor Adamson Steven A. Adelson Duane Adler Evgeny Afineevsky Nika Agiashvili Frank Agrama Marilyn Agrelo Scott Aharoni Babar Ahmed (director) Moustapha Akkad Jordan Alan Ghazi Albuliwi Alejandro Alcondez

  6. There are a small number of directors who are given complete control over making their movies. For example, Stanley Kubrick, Jean-Luc Godard, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron all had a great amount of control in making their movie. Famous directors Bharathan JJ Abrams Pedro Almodóvar Robert Altman Paul Thomas Anderson Lindsay Anderson Luc Besson

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