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  2. Geographic coordinate system - Wikipedia

    A geographic coordinate system is a coordinate system associated with positions on Earth. A GCS can give positions: as spherical coordinate system using latitude, longitude, and elevation; as map coordinates projected onto the plane, possibly including elevation; as earth-centered, earth-fixed Cartesian coordinates in 3-space; as a set of numbers, letters or symbols forming a geocode. In geodetic coordinates and map coordinates, the coordinate tuple is decomposed such that one of the numbers rep

  3. Geographic coordinate system - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...

    A geographical coordinate system is a coordinate system. This means that every place can be specified by a set of three numbers, called coordinates. A full circle can be divided into 360 degrees (or 360°); this was first done by the Babylonians; Ancient Greeks, like Ptolemy later extended the theory. Today, degrees are divided further.

  4. Coordinate system - Wikipedia

    In geometry, a coordinate system is a system that uses one or more numbers, or coordinates, to uniquely determine the position of the points or other geometric elements on a manifold such as Euclidean space.

  5. Category:Geographic coordinate systems - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikimedia Commons has media related to Geographic coordinate system. For more information, see Geographic coordinate system.

  6. Wikipedia:Obtaining geographic coordinates - Wikipedia

    Printed maps display coordinates plotted to the datum selected by the mapmakers. In the UK (which uses OSGB36), Ireland, France and Germany, these datum will not be the coordinates used in Wikipedia (WGS84) thus leading to differences of over 100m. See geographic coordinate system for more information.

  7. Geographic coordinate seestem - Wikipedia

    (Reguidit frae Geographic coordinate system) A graticule on a sphere or an ellipsoid. The lines frae pole tae pole is lines o constant longitude, or meridians. The circles parallel tae the equator is lines o constant latitude, or parallels.

  8. Talk:Geographic coordinate system - Wikipedia

    A geographic coordinate system is a coordinate system that enables every location on Earth to be specified in three coordinates, using mainly a spherical coordinate system. What does "mainly" mean here? The article on Spherical coordinate system says that a geographic coordinate system is different than a spherical one.

  9. Geographic coordinate conversion - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Change of units and format
    • Coordinate system conversion
    • Datum transformations

    In geodesy, conversion among different geographic coordinate systems is made necessary by the different geographic coordinate systems in use across the world and over time. Coordinate conversion is composed of a number of different types of conversion: format change of geographic coordinates, conversion of coordinate systems, or transformation to different geodetic datums. Geographic coordinate conversion has applications in cartography, surveying, navigation and geographic information systems.

    Informally, specifying a geographic location usually means giving the location's latitude and longitude. The numerical values for latitude and longitude can occur in a number of different units or formats: sexagesimal degree: degrees, minutes, and seconds: 40° 26′ 46″ N 79° 58′ 56″ W degrees and decimal minutes: 40° 26.767′ N 79° 58.933′ W decimal degrees: 40.446° N 79.982° W There are 60 minutes in a degree and 60 seconds in a minute. Therefore, to convert from a degrees ...

    A coordinate system conversion is a conversion from one coordinate system to another, with both coordinate systems based on the same geodetic datum. Common conversion tasks include conversion between geodetic and ECEF coordinates and conversion from one type of map projection to another.

    Transformations among datums can be accomplished in a number of ways. There are transformations that directly convert geodetic coordinates from one datum to another. There are more indirect transforms that convert from geodetic coordinates to ECEF coordinates, transform the ECEF coordinates from one datum to the another, then transform ECEF coordinates of the new datum back to geodetic coordinates. There are also grid-based transformations that directly transform from one pair to another pair.

  10. Category:Geographic coordinate system - Wikimedia Commons

    Oct 16, 2019 · Media in category "Geographic coordinate system" The following 49 files are in this category, out of 49 total. 13 of 'Cornell's Intermediate Geography- forming part second of a systematic series of school geographies, etc' (11236394365).jpg 1,383 × 835; 295 KB

  11. Geographic coordinate system - Wikipedia

    Geographic coordinate system ke mokgwa o o diriswang go supa mafelo mo lefatsheng lotlhe ka go dirisa dinomoro, ditlhaka, le matshwao. This page was last edited on 1 ...

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