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    Hera (/ ˈ h ɛr ə, ˈ h ɪər ə /; Greek: Ἥρᾱ, Hērā; Ἥρη, Hērē in Ionic and Homeric Greek) is the goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth in ancient Greek religion and mythology, one of the Twelve Olympians and the sister and wife of Zeus. She is the daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Hera rules over Mount Olympus ...

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    Hera was established in 2002 through the first merger of public utilities in the Emilia-Romagna region, which involved 11 companies. In 2003, Hera started the process of listing on the Milan Stock Exchange, which led the company to be partly privatized with 38.8% of its present share capital in private sectors. After 2003, Hera started to grow.

    • 8,502 (2016)
    • 4,460 million (2016)
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    Hera presides over the right ordering of marriage. The legitimate offspring of her union with Zeus are Ares (the god of war), Hebe (the goddess of youth), Eris (the goddess of discord) Eileithyia (goddess of childbirth), Enyo. Enyo, a war goddess responsible with the destruction (goddess of battle), and perhaps Hephaistos (god of fire and blacksmiths). It is said she gave birth to Hephaistoswithout Zeus, because she was jealous of his love toward Athena. When Hephaistos was born she saw his ugliness and cast him from Olympus. Hephaistos gained revenge against Hera for rejecting him by making her a magical throne which bound her and would not allow her to leave. At the bidding of Zeus, the other gods begged Hephaistos to let her go, but he repeatedly refused. Later Dionysos came to him and got him drunk and convinced him to release Hera from the thrown. After Hephaistos released Hera, Zeus gave him Aphroditeas his wife.

    Hera is usually depicted as a tall and stately figure who is either crowned with a diadem or wearing a wreath, and carrying a specter. She was also said to be supremely beautiful, though her beauty is very different from that of Aphrodite's. Homer described her as "ox-eyed" and "white-armed", which meant that she had large, soft brown eyes that one could become lost in, as well as a clear, pure, and unblemished complexion that was as white as ivory. In fact, Zeus (who was a connoisseur of beautiful women) once confessed in a moment of pure passion that he considered Hera to be the most beautiful of all his lovers, and the only person who could truly inflame his sexual desires to their extremes. Hera is a very jealous goddess. She is easily angered and can be offended easily. Her throne, chariot, and sandals are all made of gold. She gets mad and turns peoples' hair into serpents when ever they boast about their hair being more beautiful than Hera's.

    Hera was a very powerful Olympian Elder Deity and Queen of the Gods. 1. Unparalleled Fertility Manipulation 1.1. Reproduction Manipulation 1.1.1. Fertility Inducement 1.1.2. Infertility Inducement 1.1.3. Pregnancy Inducement 2. Unparalleled Relationship Manipulation 3. Unparalleled Bond Manipulation 3.1. Oath Manipulation 4. Divine Power Granting 5. Advanced Chlorokinesis 6. Advanced Psychokinesis 6.1. Telekinesis 6.2. Emotion Manipulation 6.3. Animal Manipulation 6.4. Teleportation 6.5. Flight 6.6. Precognition 7. Olympian Physiology 7.1. Deity Creation 8. Invulnerability 9. Rapid Regeneration 10. Immortality 11. Enhanced Charisma 12. Heaven Lordship 13. Guardianship 14. Enhanced Power

    Her symbols include; 1. Pomegranate- Pomegranates are wedding symbols. 2. Diadem- Queens typically wear crowns or diadems. 3. Lotus-Tipped Staff- People of great power are typically shown with a staff. Her animals include; 1. Heifer- Because cows are some of the most motherly animals. She chose this as her animal. 2. Peacock- Because she could see the eyes of Argus in that animal. 3. Cow - Because of one of Zeus' infidelities: Io

    Hera's name is the anagram of her mother's name, Rhea.
    Hera often has grudges against Zeus' other lovers and his children that are not with her. She often tries to kill his other children like Herakles or Dionysos.
    Her from Roman is named Juno.
    The month of June is named after Hera's Roman name: Juno. Because of Hera's status as the Goddess of Marriage, June is the month that is viewed as the best for weddings.
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    Hera (em grego: Ἥρα, transl. Hēra ou Ἥρη, transl. Hērē), no mito grego, é a deusa das bodas, da maternidade, e das esposas, equivalente de Juno no mito romano. Irmã e esposa de Zeus, é a rainha dos deuses, e patrona da fidelidade conjugal.

    • Ἥρᾱ
    • Zeus
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    Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir (born 29 March 1972) is an Icelandic singer/Songwriter & CVT Coach. She is known outside Iceland for representing Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song "Je ne sais quoi" and her participation at Viña del Mar International Song Festival 2013, in Chile.

    • Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir
    • 29 March 1972 (age 48), Reykjavík, Iceland
    • Vocalist, Singer, songwriter, Complete Vocal Technique Coach
    • Pop, soul, Jazz, Musical
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    "You should have thought of that before you slept with that whore." ―Hera to Zeus in Back to Olympus.. Hera is the main antagonist in the first season of the Blood of Zeus. As the Queen of the Heavens and wife to Zeus, Hera commands great power and respect. Unable to tolerate her husband's infidelities anymore, Hera ignites a civil war amongst the Pantheon and revives the Giants in her quest for vengeance.

    Hera is known to be a headstrong and cunning Olympian. Being the only one of her sisters to wield a blade, she is confident, stubborn, and brace. In the beginning of her marriage, Hera presents a more compassionate and loving side of herself. Showing her care for Zeus's title despite his infidelity.

    Hera has long aubergine hair that is seen to be tied in a braid with gold and silver ribbon weaved in. Hera possesses cyan-blue eyes and is taller than the average human like all the other gods. Hera is incredibly beautiful and seems to appear as a perfect woman, like all the other goddesses. She wears a floor-length pastel purple dress with a deep v neckline laced with golden trims that exposes much of her bust. Her dress has a high slit on the left, revealing her entire leg. Hera also wears je...

    • 8
    • Queen of Olympus
    • Female
    • Goddess
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    Hera (în greacă veche Ήρα, Hēra) este în mitologia greacă zeița protectoare a căsniciei, a căminului și a femeilor măritate, precum și regina zeilor și a oamenilor. La romani este identificată cu Iunona.

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    Héra (görögül Ἥρα; a rómaiaknál Juno) a görög mitológiában Zeusz főisten testvére és felesége, a házasságot és a születést védelmező istennő. Neve feltehetőleg „oltalmazót”, „úrnőt” jelent.

    • Zeusz
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    Hebe Goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera. Sculpted 1800-1805 by Antonio Canova . Hera ishte bashkëshortja legjitime e Zeusit dhe konsiderohej si mbrojtësja e familjes dhe grave të martuara Binjakja Romake ishte JUNONA.

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